North West London LETB Board

North West London LETB Governance Structures
19 October 2012
North West London LETB Board – 1st meeting 12 Nov November
NWL Stakeholder Advisory Council – 1st meeting in December
Purpose: To plan and commission education & training to ensure a highly skilled and
appropriate healthcare workforce to deliver the best possible patient care.
Purpose: To confirm plans are appropriate, deliverable and aligned
Selection Criteria for Membership: Representative
Selection Criteria for Membership: Skills and experience
Chair: NWL LETB Chair
The Board meets the requirements to have: two-thirds of votes with providers of NHS
services; GPs composing at least 10% of providers; and HEI membership
Chair: Lay Chair appointed by HEE
•1 Lay Chair (casting vote)
Executive Directors (1 vote shared):
•1 Managing Director
•1 Head of Finance
•1 Director of Multi Professional Education and Quality
Provider nominated members (1 vote each):
•1 Provider HR Director
•1 Managing Director of Imperial College Health Partners
•1 NWL CCG Chair
•1 NWL GP provider (trainer /tutor/educationalist)
•1 current acute provider CEO
•1 current community/mental health CEO
•1 Nurse Director
• 1 Additional seat to ensure provider balance
•1 HEI Member (Imperial)
Associate Members (non-voting):
• 1 Lay Deputy Chair (assurance)
• 1 Lay Member (patient and public engagement)
Membership (c 30 members):
o Employers of staff delivering NHS services
o The representatives of individual employers (e.g. dentists, pharmacists, and GPs)
o Private and third sector providers
•Professional representatives
o LMC representatives
o Chairs of professional groups
o CCG Chairs
o National Commissioning Board
•Local Authorities
o Health & Wellbeing Board Chairs
o Directors of social care
o Public health representatives
Note the LETB Board will be supported by an Assurance Committee chaired by the Deputy
Lay Chair, who will have deep experience of assurance, and supported by a provider DoF
•Imperial College Health Partners
•Patient and public representatives
•Trainee representatives (post-graduate trainee doctor, newly qualified nurse, a newly qualified member
from other professions)
•North East LETB and South London LETB
•Neighbouring LETBs outside London
•Skills Funding Agency/National Apprenticeship Service
Care Pathway Groups
Professional Groups
Purpose: To ensure education & training (including role definitions) are supporting and
driving improvements in patient care
Selection Criteria for Membership: Insight into pathway
Chair for Pathway Group: CCG Lead
Membership: Organisations and professions currently involved in delivery of the
pathway, and those that the LETB executives believe may bring further innovation.
Purpose: To inform the deliberations of the care pathway groups and LETB executives; and to have ongoing engagement with their relevant professional/regulatory bodies.
Selection Criteria for Membership: Recognised leading members of the professions and members of
regulatory and professional bodies
Chair: Each professional group to select their own Chair
Membership: Senior members of that profession

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