JMHeaford BPIF Technical Seminar Presentation May 2013

Plate Mounting
• Minimise press downtime
• Latest developments in mounting
Why use a plate mounter?
• Mount plates in register quickly and accurately
• Avoids press time wasted printing out of register
jobs and downtime with unnecessary set ups
• Saves costs – tangible - press time, labour,
substrate, inks, utilities etc.
• Saves costs – intangible – lost work
• ROI – “no brainer” to purchase a plate mounter,
costs can be recovered within a year or two
ROI Return on Investment on a plate
• Speed up mounting time, save say 5 hours a week,
£3,750 per annum
• Save press wasted and downtime, say 5 hours per
week, press time costed at £15 an hour, £3,750 per
• Saves other costs – wasted substrate, inks, utilities etc.
• Gain higher margin, tight register work with highest
accuracy mounted jobs
Why use a Heaford plate mounter?
Multiple designs to suit customer application
Fixed focus high magnification camera system
Can be used for flexo or letterpress plates
Cylinder or sleeve models
17” high resolution flat
screen monitor with split
screen to show both
camera images for easy
mounting reference
Simple sinbgle screw for
focus adjustment when
repeat changes
High powered 56x video
cameras and through the
lens illumination system
to highlight register
marks, with 7mm wide
circles for easier prepositioning of plates
Precision linear rails and
bearings to ensures
parallelism when cameras
move to different positions
to cater for different plate
widths and repeat ranges
Support adjustable in
seconds for different
cylinder widths
Quick release cylinder
adaptors requiring no tools
and making changeover
for different cylinder types
a matter of seconds
Optional pneumatic
mounting tape storage
and dispensing system
Optional aluminium
support table
Alternative mechanical clamp to
prevent cylinder rotation when
gear is not attached
Circumferential locking
device to prevent cylinder
rotation when plate
Why buy a Heaford plate mounter?
Started manufacturing narrow web flexo mounters in 1995
Machines sold in 90 countries
Self installation and service for narrow web mounters
Worldwide service support if required and next day parts
delivery, rarely required
• Extended payments terms available for purchase
• Constant innovation to improve products available to
Flat table surface enables the polymer plate to be accurately and quickly
positioned along the centre line under the cylinder/sleeve.
The table arrangement allows the tape roll to be brought in to direct contact
with the cylinder/sleeve enabling bubble free tape application to be carried
out quickly without additional mechanisms.
Vacuum assist to secure the plate once in position.
Precision air jacking system for lowering the cylinder/sleeve in to contact
with polymer plate.
Quick and bubble free application of the plate to cylinder/sleeve through a
backwards and forwards movement of the table (equivalent to using a
pressure roller).
Consistent and uniform pressured application of plates to tape for good
After plate application the table can be moved to bring the end of plate
register marks into view to check overall alignment.
To view a video of 6 plates being mounted in just over 4
minutes press play after selecting the image below (this is
a low resolution video, higher resolution available)
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