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DND Configuration
• Background
• Specifics of Configuration
• Future Work
Supportability Standards - Graham Brum
• OmegaPS has been used within DND since the early
• OmegaPS was provided to DND in 2000 as part of MASIS
and had the following baseline:
 MIL-STD-1388-2B core table/data set
 Canadian Provisioning table/data add on for Initial Provisioning
 CASS table/data to enable SAP linkage
• Over the last 13 years OmegaPS for DND has been
modified to enable further DND business processes and
data requirements.
 Some of these data requirements have been adopted in GEIA-STD0007 while others remain peculiar to DND and/or DRMIS
Supportability Standards - Graham Brum
Specifics of Configuration
Fit Definition
These various modules enable
supportability functions within
the DRMIS solution.
Data Update
Packaging &
SSO – Single Sign On
Current Configuration
• The DND design for ORACLE SSO enables the SSO, Application and ORACLE
user to all be activated through a single login
• A similar solution can be made available to commercial users
Legacy Transition
Current Configuration
• OmegaPS at DND allows for csv type files to be loaded to create Projects or
• Army loading tool creates Structure and Canadian Provisioning data
• Used to create the M777 structure this fall
• Maintenance Loader creates maintenance from Navy NY/NW extraction tool
• Extraction tool owned by DND creates flat files in the format required to
create maintenance data in OmegaPS
• Both csv templates are available on the DRMIS OmegaPS Portal
• OSAM also has a csv import capability built on work completed at DRMIS in 2008.
• This template creates both the basic LSAR structure data and OSAM logistics
• It is available with any OSAM commercial installation
Structure Management
Current Configuration
• MIL-STD-1388-2B OmegaPS allows for physical structure to be managed through
Project Level Structure Control - single structure in all occurrences or multiple
configurations allowed
• DND variant of OmegaPS allows further definition on who manages the
configuration of a part - Part level Structure Control
• If a part is shared by two projects managed by two separate teams Part
Identification allows for a Team to be identified as the lead for that part
• DND configuration includes the ability to assign Functional UOCs to Physical LCN
structures. This was put in place 13 years ago to enable Variant identification
including both Functional structure (spatial or system) and Physical structure and
was key in building FLOCs and EMRs for Naval systems
• Commercial clients have not requested this type of solution for UOCs
DND Canadian Provisioning
Current Configuration
• OmegaPS has a DND configured Canadian Provisioning module that includes DND
defined data attributes and SAP data attributes.
• DND Canadian Provisioning enables the Fit Definition module by identifying parts
that should be part of the SAP Material BOM (Repair parts List)
• Note: It would be better to identify the Fit Definition Parts List from material
called up in maintenance tasks but this data does not exist in many DND
• Material data is received from SAP/CGCS daily updating the HA/HB and NSN
tables. CGCS data is considered source and thus is protected from update by
OmegaPS users
• Commercial Canadian Provisioning data is digested by DND CP with a few
• HA data already held in DND Omega is not over written by data coming from
vendors – this ensures that data received from CGCS remains in tact
Current Configuration
• DND configuration allows for 3 tiered maintenance definition; Procedure, Task,
• DND configuration also allows for all resources to be defined at the lowest level –
• This change was implemented in 2004 to facilitate mapping to SAP Tasks
Lists – it is consistent with GEIA-STD-0007 – and is available in core
• DND /Navy configuration includes a 4th tier structure identifying the CFTO Title
Page information
• Depending on how DND will proceed with In-Service Support consideration can
be given to making the CFTO/Maintenance configuration available to an ISS
Fit Definition
Current Configuration
• Fit Definition enables both DND and SAP attribution within OmegaPS – includes:
• ERN and ERN related data management
• Technical Authority data review
• Fit Number and other VIC Sub data management
• FLOC/EMR/Task List data assignment
• MDP file export
• Including
• bulk Mat ID
• PPA for ship spares
• Fit Definition includes a number of LOV tables to facilitate DND and SAP
• These LOV tables are maintained by the Sec Admin team
Embedded Publications
Current Configuration
• In DND Embedded Publications is enabled for both Structure and Provisioning
• Both type of links are viewable in IPBS
• Provisioning links are used in the generation of IPC CFTOs
• In use in DND for three years
• Used by
• VIC Class
• CSIC systems
• IPMS Trainers
• M777
• Embedded Publications and IPBS are available as a commercial modules
Support Analysis
Current Configuration
• The OSAM module as released at DND is a commercial variant with no special
functionality added for DND
• OSAM is able to pass data to and from Analyzer R4.4
• OSAM and Analyzer R4.4 use the same math module
• OSAM enables both modelling and setting baseline and thus fielded solutions
• A complete OSAM demonstration is planned for tomorrow
Change Management
Current Configuration
• Change Management was designed to meet DNDs requirements for baseline
• Change Management as designed for DND is not currently in use
• A variant of this module is in use with the ADF
• The Engineering Change Notice (ECN) portion of the module was meant to work
with ECRS which is no longer functioning in DRMIS/SAP
• This means that changes identified and tracked have no easy way to be
migrated to SAP – migration has to be done manually
• Change Management enables the control of changes to the baseline
• A baseline starting point is saved and all subsequent change is identified by a
change identifier
Maintenance Packaging and Illustrated Parts
Current Configuration
• Maintenance Packaging
• Extensions in the current DND configuration enables both the production of
MDP files for SAP task lists and the production of Maintenance CFTOs
• Task List MDPs can be generated with either full long text describing
the step of a job – or – with an IAW statement relating to the stored
CFTO data
• Since CFTOs are the authority for doing maintenance OmegaPS is
capable of storing all PM related information and producing the required
CFTO templates for both NY and NW type CFTOs
• Enabling both the Task List MDP and the CFTO generation ensures one
central location for managing the content
• Illustrated Parts
• Data required to produce CFTO type MY documents is able to be held in
• IPBS is used for displaying the data
• IPBS Mobile enables this to be deployed to mobile devices
• NY,NW,MY can be produced in side by side English/French or in English only
Dynamic RCM
Current Configuration
• Dynamic RCM was designed to DND specifications to enable multiple Item
functions and thus better failure identification
• This was the genesis of the multiple item function capability in GEIA-STD0007
• It was meant to enable a linkage between Items Functions, Failure modes and
a configured Catalogue Profile to be used in SAP
• Work on the use of Catalogue Profiles is still an open discussion point
• Dynamic RCM is a commercial tool
• Enables the identification of an RCM Reference that could be used as a
failure identifier in any Maintenance Management system
• Paper by Murray Wiseman shows the concept
Functional RCM
Current Configuration
• The Functional RCM module was built and released initially in R18.1
• Designed for use by RCAF
• This capability compliments the existing RCM capability by enabling top down
• Further details will be relayed by Mike Martin
Data Update to and from DRMIS/SAP
Current Configuration
• Currently there are three automated data transfers between OmegaPS and SAP
within DRMIS
• Material Import - All material data relating NSNs to part numbers is sent to
OmegaPS from SAP daily
• Technical Authority Import – Updates of data related to the Technical
Authority are sent to OmegaPS from SAP daily
• ERN Export – Changes to ERN related data are sent from OmegaPS to SAP
• Eight Fields can be updated
• ERN Description
• TA/Partner
• Equipment Category
• Object Type
• Work Centre
• Catalog Profile
• JETDS (Joint Electronics Type Designation System) Nomenclature
Future Work
• Additional CFTOs have been identified by Navy and Air Force for
integration with OmegaPS
• DND Configuration must be added to the OmegaPS 0007 Application
 Data received from vendors in GEIA-STD-0007 needs to be held as a baseline and
conditioned with DND and SAP attributes
• Further Integration of Functional RCM
 Integration with Air Force configuration for Work Unit Codes etc
 Integration with Maintenance definition – Procedure/Task/Sub-Task
 Other as requited
• S1000D Data modules
 If DND formalizes support for S1000D OmegaPS can integrate with any S1000D
IETM solution
 This would be done based on OmegaPS 0007 to enable more data module
Supportability Standards - Graham Brum
Future Work
• Side by side authoring view
 DND has requested the ability to view English and French text simultaneously to
ease the work of maintaining both
• Integration with CGCS
 Ease of review of existing CGCS data would assist in determining outstanding
cataloguing efforts
• Work Flow
 Oshkosh example for monitoring data maturity may be considered for future DND
and Commercial configurations
• Change Files
 Work with DRMIS to enable to change only capability for all Master data file types
Supportability Standards - Graham Brum
Supportability Standards - Graham Brum

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