KM HUB, 9th August 2014

Theme: Making KM work for you
9th August 2014
The current business environment is highly Volatile, Uncertain,
Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) leading to constant change. Your
experience has been the Best Teacher always to cope with this
constant change.
In this era of Knowledge Economy, though we all agree that
Knowledge is power, we often fail to let employees leverage
Organizational experience, effectively. KM HUB intends to help
bridge this gap in Knowledge Management in this workshop. KM
today is more about providing Real-Time Decision support to
Management. Objective is to facilitate participants in leveraging KM
at work for achieving better operational efficiency, directly
addressing their burning Business Pain-points & Objectives.
Your Takeaways
 How can KM Unlock Strategic Business Values
 Industry Trends & Best Practices in KM
 Recommendation on broad Approach-Strategy for addressing
Business Pain-points & Objectives in your Organization
 Outlining of a broad Framework for Implementing KM in your
 Cross-Learning from other panelists
Who should attend
A Panel of the following from your company:
2 Department Heads (Strongly recommended for Heads of Revenue Generation Dept./
Delivery/ Ops./ R&D/ Sales/ Customer Service)
HR or L&D Head
Technology Head
Note: Workshop is Limited to Six panels Only
Schedule & Location
10:00 – 10.15AM
Welcome note and Inauguration – Mr. Pavan Kota, President, LASSIB SOCIETY
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM
Making KM work for you:
Opening Comments – Mr Rudolf D’Souza, President, COE – KM, LASSIB SOCIETY.
Quick comments - By Other KM Experts @ KM HUB
11.15 AM – 11.20 AM
Brief on Brainstorming format
11.20 AM – 1.00 PM
Brainstorming – Session I (11.30AM: Tea served on Desk)
1.00 PM – 2.00 PM
2:00 PM – 3:15 PM
Brainstorming – Session II
3:15 PM – 3:30PM
Tea Break
3:30PM – 4:00PM
Leveraging Technology for KM – Mr. Chandrasekhar Padmasola, Director, Synergy
Computer Solutions
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Presentations By Each Panel for 15 Minutes.
5.30 PM – 6.00 PM
Q & A With KM Experts
Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, India
Google Maps:,78.3399
How Brainstorming works
 Team from each company forms a panel
 Objective Of Brainstorming is to arrive at a broad approach of how KM can be
implemented in your Organization
 Each Panel will be moderated by a KM Expert
 Step1 - Panel states their KPIs, Departmental & Business Objectives, Of Priority
 Step2 – Shortlist KPIs related to Top Business Objectives
 Step3 – Identify as-is pain-points in achieving Top Business Objectives
 Step 4 - Decide KM Roadmap for Implementation
KM Experts @ KM HUB
KM Consultant
Ex Head-KM
@ Eureka Forbes
(7 times Winner
of coveted MAKE award)
Know More…
Head - KM
TATA Projects
KM Consultant
Ex Head - KM
@ Capgemini
Senior KM
Ex Global VP
@ Wipro
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KM Experts @ KM HUB
KM Consultant
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KM Consultant
& Trainer
A Senior KM
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Registration Details
Event Organizer
Event Gold Sponsor
A Non-Profit Initiative
For Registrations, Contact::
For Sponsor Invitations, Contact::
Narasimha Reddy, Convener
91 98855 77166
[email protected]
Chandrasekhar Padmasola
91 98481 59450
[email protected]

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