Michigan State University 4

Michigan State University 4-H
Dog Programs
Elizabeth Scott Wells
Extension 4-H Youth Agent
State 4-H Dog Programming Committee
[email protected]
In Michigan, 4-H obedience classes are patterned
after AKC classes. However Pre-Novice classes
are not regular classes in AKC but are offered at
Go to www.AKC.org for more information on
the obedience exercises in each class.
Score sheets in 4-H are less strict than those of
AKC. Be sure to get the most recent dog
obedience score sheet from your 4-H office. You
might also look at AKC forms for comparison.
In 4-H our Agility is loosely based on AKC, but
is easier. Lower jump heights are used for
beginners and intermediate. Your Extension
office has information on rules, judging and how
to make equipment.
Agility I – Beginners
Agility II – Intermediate (A and B)
Agility III – Advanced (A and B)
Tire Jump
Open tunnel
Closed tunnel
Teeter/SeeSaw Dog Walk
Dog Walk
Weave Poles
Showing your dog to its best advantage.
Non competitive for 5 to
8 year olds
Canine Good Citizen
CGC – An award that 4-H members can
earn with their dogs through AKC that is
easy for most members to attain
1. Accept a friendly stranger
2. Sit politely for petting
3. Appearance and grooming
4. Out for a walk
Canine Good Citizenship
5. Walking through a crowd
6. Sit, down and stay
7. Come when called
8. Reaction to another dog
9. Reaction to distraction
10. Supervised separation
4-H Dog Notebooks
American Veterinary Medical Association
 Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc
 Ralston Purina Company
 Cornell University
 Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Additional Opportunities
Leader/Service Dog
 Therapy Dogs – Nursing Home visitation
 Exploration Days – June 23 – 25, 2004
 State 4-H Dog Show – August 14, 2004
Additional Opportunities
AKC Matches and shows
 UKC matches and shows
 Local Kennel Club participation
 Temperament Testing
Additional Dog Sports
Field Trials
 Sheep/Duck Herding
 Free Style Obedience
 Fly Ball
 Sled Dog Racing
 Rally Obedience
Equipment and Supplies
Max200 - dog training equipment & supplies
J&J – dog training supplies and leashes
PetEdge – inexpensive prizes
Your local dollar store for inexpensive toys
Omaha Vaccine
Revival Animal
Kennel Club Resources
MB-F dog show superintendent
Roy Jones Dog Shows – dog show super
Onofrio – dog show superintendent
Mt. Pleasant Kennel Club
Jennifer Moore
5595 S. Shepherd Rd.
Shepherd, MI 48883
[email protected]
Kennel Club Resources
Grand Rapids Kennel Club
Pat Kronemeyer [email protected]
Greater Muskegon Kennel Club
Elizabeth Wells [email protected]
Greater Holland Kennel Club
Melaney Koenes [email protected]
Other kennel clubs via Infodog and
Recommended Reading
Any book or video by Ian Dunbar
 “Competitive Obedience” (book)
“Positively Fetching” (video) by Adele Yunck
 “The Winning Edge” by George Alston
 “Show Me – A Dog Show Primer” by
D Caroline Coile
(Search for books and video at Amazon.com)
Discussion Groups
An internet discussion group is a group of
people who have a common interest and who
share information via e-mail
Search through Google
Search at Yahoogroups.com
Fund Raising for Dog Clubs
Poop Scooping for AKC Shows
Fun Matches (conformation, obedience and
Canine Good Citizen Testing
Kennel Club donations
Public Dog Wash
Skills for Life Animal Science Series – Dog
Wiggles and Wags, Canine Connection, Leading
the Pack, Dog Helper’s Guide. Order on line of
through your Extension office
[email protected]
Additional Training in Michigan
Kalamazoo Kennel Club Training Building
Northfield Dog Training
Thank You!
Please join us in 2005 for a one day
workshop with dogs and in 2006 for
another fun filled weekend at
Kettunen Center!

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