Ab/Adsorbent Market Synopsis

Monarch Green, Inc. and the
Sorbent Market: A Synopsis*
A Brief Look
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3419 Via Lido Ste. 641
Newport Beach, CA 92663
877-500-SPILL (7745) ext. 1
is the maker of
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Who is
 MONARCH GREEN, INC. is a cutting edge, environmentally advanced
organization committed to the "GREEN" movement. Working closely with
like-minded organizations and partners within multiple industries,
MONARCH GREEN, INC. proudly champions environmental awareness
by repurposing polyurethane and industrial waste products into distinctive,
renewed uses that lessen the burden on Mother Earth. Our patent pending
Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ spill adsorbing formula and Oilinator™ spill
clean up products promote humanitarian causes by making our planet a
safer place to live for all forms of life. Please see www.monarchgreen.com
for details.
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Mission Statement
 Monarch Green, Inc., as a first-rate company committed to under
promising and over delivering, is on a mission to earn customer loyalty by
answering the world’s demand for the most advanced, efficient, cost
effective, non toxic, oil and other chemical absorbent products, and to be
the optimum, eco-friendly solution for environmental protection and spill
cleanup market needs while fulfilling its humanitarian objective of
making the world a cleaner, safer place for all life on earth.
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Keys to Success
 Operational efficiency
 Market penetration
 Customer satisfaction/loyalty/maintenance
 Competitive pricing
 Customer education and communication
 Quick response – capacity meeting demand
 Oilinator™, Incredisorb™ and Spillinex™ brand recognition
 Dedicated management
 Effective salesforce
 Highly efficient distribution channels
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Military/Government Installations
Petrochemical Industries
Shipping Lines (Catalina Express)
Environmental Companies
Construction Companies
Emergency Response
School Districts
Trucking Companies
The list is endless
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Sorbent Market Synopsis: Firstly,
what is a sorbent?
 Sorption falls into two categories: adsorption, and absorption.
The actual material doing the “sorbing” is a sorbent.
 Absorption is where a material actually pulls in another
material into it. Oilinator™ products act as absorbents.
 Adsorption is where a material attracts (“grabs”) another
material on the outside of its molecular structure.
Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ is an adsorbent.
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Classification of Sorbents
Sorbent products can be classified according to their
physical form, purpose of use or production material
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Physical form
 Mats, sheets, felts
 Loose material - Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ is within this
Mats, boom socks, and drum toppers where the sorbent is
packed into a net or meshwork. Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ is
well suited for this application (our Oilinator™ products).
Booms, where the sorbent is formed into oblong shapes.
Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ is well suited for this application
(our Oilinator™ products).
Agglomerations, threads, nets (but with low resistance to low
viscosity fluids)
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Classification according to
 Class L: products recommended for absorption on land
 Class W: products recommended for absorption in water
 Class L-W: products recommended for absorption on land
or in water. Our Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ and
Oilinator™ products fall into this class.
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Classification according to
production material
 Sorbents can be divided into three groups based on the
production material:
 Natural organic sorbents are, for example, peat, straw,
peat moss, sawdust, wool and flax. Organic absorbents
can retain oil 1- 4 times their own weight. Some organic
materials absorb water as well as oil, and, thus, sink.
 Natural inorganic sorbents are, for example, clay,
vermiculite, glass fibre, sand and volcanic ash. They can
absorb oil up to 2 - 5 times their own weight. These
products are usually not suitable for absorption in water,
because they sink.
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 Synthetic sorbents are industrially manufactured or repurposed materials
such as polyurethane, polyethene and polypropylene.
 The other synthetic absorbents contain merged polymers and rubber
 Our synthetic absorbent retains oil more than 6 times its own weight.
 Our Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ and Oilinator™ products fall within this
material class and do not sink in water; even when holding oil and
other petroleum related products.
Production type efficiency ratios
times own 4
Inorganic Synthetic
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Sorbent Market Size
 The global market for sorbent technology was valued at
$3.8B in 2007, according to markets analysis firm BCC
 This increased to $4.2B in 2008, and by 2013 the market
will be worth over $7.0B – a compound annual growth
rate of 11.0%.
 The oil/liquid spill clean up segment represents just over
29% of the sorbent market
 Translating to a projected global market value of more
than $2.12B by 2013, and N. American value of $1.2B
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Products (contd.)
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Products (contd.)
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Products (contd.)
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Products (contd.)
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Products (contd.)
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What can Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ and Oilinator™
products absorb?
A broad variety of petroleum related products including:
Petroleum (Old and New)
Brake Fluid
Radiator Fluid
Hydraulic Fluid
Transmission Oil
Cooking Oil
Many, Many, Many More
Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ and Oilinator™ products will also
absorb spills from water—they float, capture and absorb the spill
on the surface, and can then be removed cleanly and easily, leaving
clear water behind.
 Efficacy average: One pound of product per gallon spilled
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Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ and Oilinator™ products are
 Proudly made in the USA using 100% recycled materials
 Saves money – More cost effective than similar adsorbents and Kitty Litter, which is
a clay based, inefficient and heavier material than Spillinex™
 Saves time - Unlike many other ad/absorbents, Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ and
Oilinator™ products offer a quick, one-step clean up that instantly ad/absorbs on
contact; an invaluable feature for multiple industries
Efficient – On average, one pound of Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ or Oilinator™
product will ad/absorb one gallon of motor oil or one gallon of paint; the most
efficient adsorbent in the most efficient adsorbent class type.
Floats in water - Great for oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, and many
other spills in water. What is left is CLEAN water.
Storage safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly
Odor free - No odorous fumes or annoying scents
Lightweight and easy to handle
Non toxic and does not harm the environment
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Oilinator™ use basics:
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U.S. EPA and CA Fish & Game
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Incredisorb™ and Oilinator™ products cost efficiency:
Beats industry average by 34%
Beats industry average by 29%
Beats industry average by 33%
Beats industry average by 32%
Beats industry average by 42%
Beats industry average by 58%
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Video Library: Must Views
 Please click the interactive video link box below for
access to videos showing the amazing absorption power of
our Spillinex™/Incredisorb™ and Oilinator™ products.
 At the very least, be sure to see the video at the top
entitled, “Oilinator™ Watertank Demo”
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