Review solutions

True or false
1. Whipping cream is an example of a solution.
False, it is a colloid
2. Solutions show the tyndall effect.
False, colloids do.
3. Suspensions settle out with time.
4. Electrolytes can carry an electric current.
5. A solution has a volume of 250. mL and contains 0.70
mol of NaCl. What is the molarity of the solution?
2.8 M
6. How many grams of glucose, C6H12O6, is needed to
prepare 275 mL of a 1.5M glucose solution?
74.3 g
Percent Solutions
7. If 10. mL of acetone is diluted with water to a total
solution volume of 200. mL, what is the percent
volume (v/v) of acetone in the solution?
8. How many grams of NaCl would you need to prepare
1500g of a 5.0% NaCl (m/m) solution?
9. How many mL of a 4.00M KI solution are needed to
prepare 250.0mL of a 0.760 M KI solution?
47.5 mL
10. How many mL of a 2.00M NaCl solution must be
diluted with water to prepare 100.0 mL of a 0.400 M
NaCl solution?
20.0 mL
11. How many grams of KI must be dissolved in 500.0g of
water to produce a 0.060 m KI solution?
5.0g KI
12.Calculate the molality of a solution prepared by
dissolving 10.0g NaCl in 600g of water.
0.285 m NaCl
Mole fraction
11. What are the mole fractions of glucose in water if a
solution is made with 7.59 g glucose, C6H12O6 ,
dissolved in 125 g water?
Xglucose= 0.00605
Xwater = 0.994

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