SPC for Metallurgy Industry

SPC for Metallurgy Industry
SPC Vision for Metallurgy
SPC Vision – Innovative Solutions for Quality Control
Infodream have a strong history of working in the metallurgy industry with many leading
companies using our Process Control Software (SPC Vision).
Repeatability and consistency are critical to high quality metallurgy manufacturing and
SPC Vision helps you Understand, Monitor, Control and Improve the quality and productivity
of the manufacturing processes.
Business Benefits – Control & Efficiency
Aid continuous processing through prevention of scrap and re-processing
Reduce cycle time by real time ‘in-process’ monitoring & control
Release products faster by real time data collection and validation
Enhance process understanding of critical product & process attributes
Roll Forming
Business Benefits
Increase Productivity & Efficiency
Production stops and quality problems have a huge
impact in long run or continuous processing commonly
found in the metallurgy industry. SPC Vision is a
preventative process control system which helps increase
up-time and productivity by preventing scrap, and reprocessing.
 Prevent poor quality, scrap and re-processing
 Reduce cycle time by utilising ‘in-process’ monitoring to remove
final inspection, offline analysis and reporting
Real Time QA & Process Control
SPC Vision provides real time monitoring, control and
validation of critical process and product attributes to
ensure quality standards have been achieved.
 Real time validation of products to quality standards
 Build in quality by managing the variation of critical quality
attributes using SPC(statistical process control)
 Monitor process capability to predict & prevent poor quality
Increased Process Understanding
Gaining a thorough understanding of the
relationships between materials, manufacturing
process , the environment and their combined
effect on product quality is the key to effective
process control, improvement and development.
 Identify & evaluate critical product & process variables
 Understand interactions between product & process for
predictive control
 Determine product and process specifications based on
process understanding
SPC Vision Key Features
 User Friendly
 Real Time QA Dashboard
 Powerful SPC & Quality Tools
 Process Capability & Correlation
 Process Alarms & Events
 Real time validation reporting
 Standard operating instructions
 Automatic Data Input
 Central Secure Data storage
 Extended Traceability
 Secure log-in and electronic stamps
 Integration with ERP & MES
 Inspection Version control
 Complementary modules
Client examples
Snecma Gennevilliers
 OEM of aerospace engine casings
Manufacturing Processes:
 Lost wax precision foundry
 Alloys Nickel, Cobalt
 6 melting furnaces
SPC Vision provides real time monitoring and control of critical attributes:
 18 critical process attributes
 Off-line analysis has been eliminated by real time SPC saving 2 days per month
 Reaction time to analysis has been drastically reduced.
 New project started to correlate moulding and casting process parameters
Client examples
 Ascometal
 OEM of steel & springs for automotive and train industry
Manufacturing Processes:
 Rolling
 Shaving
 Machining
 SPC Vision fully integrated to monitor and control critical
product & process attributes.
 Automatic data transfer from ‘in-process’ measurement
 Full integration with MES & Furnace supervisor systems.
Client examples
Valeo Transmissions
 OEM of transmissions systems for the automotive industry
Manufacturing Processes:
 Sand Casting
SPC Vision provides real time monitoring and control of critical attributes, such as
 Product dimensions
 Material hardness measured ‘at-process’
 Elemental composition
 Traceability: n° of casting, n° of furnace
Client examples
Fonderie de Gentilly
 OEM of automotive wheel balancing weights
Manufacturing Processes:
 Alloys Lead and zamak die casting
 Injection and gravity casting
 Assembly
SPC Vision provides real time monitoring and control of critical attributes
 Dimensions
 Elemental composition
 Traceability: n° of casting, n° of furnace
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