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Informal DTC Webinar
JANUARY 14, 2014
Welcome! Thank you for joining us. We will
begin shortly.
Intro to New Format
 We have a new look and feel!
ODE-provided Quick Reminders + Topics (25 min.)
ODE & DTC Question/Answer Session + Sharespace (25 min.)
 All questions will be addressed during the Q/A section,
as some of them may be answered over the course of the
topical slides.
Either raise your hand or type your question into the chat box
(we’ll tell you how in just a second)
 We will provide each Webinar Slidedeck for those unable
to attend.
Before We Begin…
 To ask questions, use the question
box or click the “raise hand” icon.
 Please participate in polls when we
use them. We need your feedback!
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Quick Reminders
 The following three embargoed KA reports were securely
sent to DTC’s on Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Student Roster Report
District Student Roster Report
School summary (Results are disaggregated by gender and ethnicity. In
the Fall of 2015, ODE will provide additional disaggregation sub-groups)
 The 2014-2015 Statewide Kindergarten Assessment Results
will be available on the Kindergarten Resource Webpage
starting Wednesday, January 14, 2015.
 Smarter Balanced Classroom Activities will be accessed
through TIDE—more information is forthcoming.
Quick Reminders
 Promising Practices are available for classroom activity
administration and local test scheduling. Additional
resources include a Tech Check sheet (next slide) and the
results of our technology readiness survey:
 Archived Informal DTC Webinars are available at:
Participation Opportunities
 ELPA21 Field Test Registration closes this Friday,
January 16. Contact Michelle McCoy at
[email protected] with questions and to
 Building Educator Assessment Literacy training event:
Space is available for the Roseburg + Pendleton locations—
If interested, please contact Cristen Mclean at
[email protected]
Topic: 2014-15 Extended Assessment Change Log
 Access for grades 3-8,11 at https://or.k12test.com/
 Returning QAs and QTs will have access to the Secure Tests tab after
they have completed required proficiency testing
New QAs will need their QT to give them access to the Secure Tests and
Data Entry tabs after they pass required proficiency tests (will be a
hand-toggle by checking a box)
If someone other than a QT or QA is designated to access the test
materials and/or enter data, a current QT or QA will need to give them
access to the Secure Tests and Data Entry tabs and provide guidance re
ordering protocol
The Secure Test tab will not be functional until the tests need to be
distributed, on February 12, 2015
Explicit guidance will be provided on the Secure Tests tab regarding
how to access the Secure Tests appropriately
Until then, we have some general guidance for you…
Topic: 2014-15 Extended Assessment Change Log
 When ordering forms, Assessors (or designate) will need to select:
a grade
the number of students in that grade (a different secure test
form will be printed for each “order”, each with a FORM ID).
Please note that this FORM ID will be required when entering
data for a student(s) who has been administered that form.
Test FORM IDs will be structured as follows: if the ID is
"mth05_exrs1" this means that it is a math test (mth), grade
5 (05), with 'exrs' as a random identifier, and '1' as the test
form number.
 When an Assessor has students in multiple grades, they will need to
continue ordering for each grade (much like filling your shopping cart
at Amazon.com)
Topic: Smarter Balanced Test Session How-To Video
 http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=2744
 ODE has developed this optional training video to help
familiarize test administrators with using the TA Interface of
OAKS Online to set up and manage a Smarter Balanced test
session, as well as with the Student Interface. Using the
practice tests available through the OAKS Portal, this video
walks TAs through the process of setting up a test session and
shows what students will see as they take the Smarter
Balanced English language arts computer adaptive test (ELA
CAT), ELA performance task (ELA PT), math CAT, and math
PT. This video also introduces TAs to assigning available
accessibility supports to individual students through the TA
interface and demonstrates how students will use each of
those supports when testing.
Topic: Smarter Balanced Equation Editor Tool
Coming soon to Oaksportal.org
Topic: Smarter Balanced Interim Resources
*ICA= Interim
Comprehensive Assessment
*IAB= Interim Assessment
Q&A Time
1. Do you have any questions re: new Oregon
Statewide Assessment Accessibility Supports?
2. Do you have any questions re: new 2014-15
Oregon Extended Assessment?
3. When/if any electronic translation device would
be allowed on any of our state assessments?
Q&A Time
(Answer to question 3) Per Smarter Balanced:
The non-embedded glossaries are for paper/pencil tests only.
Each paper form has its own set of glossaries as the glossaries
are created item-by-item and with the terms that the online
version of the item would have (so only for construct irrelevant
The terms in the embedded/non-embedded glossary were
carefully selected by grade so as not to provide information on
construct relevant terms. An electronic glossary brought into
the test environment would be problematic in that sense—thus
the provision of embedded translated glossaries by Smarter
Balanced Assessment.
Q&A Time
4. Science teachers are asking how to meet the
scientific inquiry work sample requirement
(local performance assessment) when they
have already fully converted their teaching to
the NGSS. Guidance here?
5. OAKS will be offline on May 1 beginning at 3
PM. Is it possible to change this time to 5 PM
so we do not lose testing time?
Sharespace Topics
 Topics for future promising practices?
 What are districts doing to avoid creating multiple
SSIDs for a single student? Please share your
process with the field!

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