Angelo Varetto Skills for Health

High Quality Education for
Healthcare Support Workers
Angelo Varetto – Head of NOS, Qualifications and
Apprenticeships, Skills for Health
Who We Are
• Skills for Health is the Sector Skills Council, for all health
employers; NHS, independent and third sector. Everything
we do is driven by employer skills and workforce needs.
• We help in three ways:
– firstly, we provide tested solutions and tools to help
improve productivity and quality
– secondly, we directly support employers to plan and
manage workforce development and change
– thirdly, as the employers’ authoritative voice on skills
issues, we represent the views and champion the
effective investment in skills that employers need.
What is a Healthcare Support Worker?
• Job title that covers a huge range of roles at Career Framework Level
• Nationally agreed definitions in Scotland and Wales but not in
England or NI
• For this presentation the term applies to those in roles that support
regulated healthcare occupations in direct delivery of patient care and
includes Assistant Practitioners
Current Education Provision
• QCF qualifications at Levels 2 – 5 e.g. Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Clinical
Healthcare Support or Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care
• Scottish Vocational Qualifications
• Foundation Degrees, HE Certs & HE Dips
• Apprenticeship frameworks in each country
• Education accredited with HEI’s and QCF AO’s
• Quality Assured Lifelong Learning in the CQFW
• SCQF Credit and Levelled learning
• In –house training
Education Policy
• NHS/ DH Policy Drivers
• Increasing divergence in education policy
• DfES & BIS policy drivers in England
– Technical Baccalaureates
– Richard Review of Apprenticeships in England
– Whitehead Review of Adult Vocational Qualifications
• Funding policies
– Impact of 24+ Advanced Learning Loans in England
• QCF Regulation – England, Wales and NI
How to Define High Quality Education?
• Impact on quality of care
• Quality of the learning experience
• Portability/ transferability
• Employer investment
• Delivered through:
– Regulated/ validated qualifications?
– Accreditation?
– External quality assurance of the training delivery?
Current Priorities
• Cavendish workstreams in partnership with Skills for Care
and HEE
Fundamentals of Care
QA of training provision
Career progression
Review of Code of Conduct and NMTS to apply to all
Healthcare Support Worker roles in health
• Supporting the HEE Band 1 – 5 Strategy
• Development of new qualifications and Apprenticeship
frameworks where there is a need and business case
• Supporting the review of the Health and Health & Social
Care QCF unit review
Skills for Health Perspective
• Regulation/ validated of qualifications and associated QA
• Quality Assurance of the provider e.g. SfH Quality Mark
• Employer led partnership working
• Maintaining transferability between:
– Employers
– Health and Social Care
– nations
• Maintaining, building, strengthening progression routes
Current and Future Opportunities/ Challenges
• Impact of changes to funding policies
• Progression into HE e.g. Advanced Apprenticeships into
Nursing Degree
• Divergent education policies and increasing differences in
qualifications and Apprenticeship frameworks across UK
• Changes to Apprenticeships in England
• Potential Impact of Whitehead Review of Adult Vocational
Qualifications in England
• Managing potential/ actual proliferation of qualifications
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