D2L Discussion Grid View

Return of the D2L Discussion Grid View
D2L Discussion Grid View
D2L Has Brought Back the Discussion
Grid View
 The grid view is restored in D2L Service Pack 13 (SP13)
 Dec 4, 2014: MnSCU will take SP13 into the QA environment
 Dec 30, 2014: MnSCU will take SP13 into Production
Discussion Tool Changes—Return of Grid View
MnSCU plans to take Service Pack 13 (SP13) into production on
December 30, 2014 during the semester break
Discussion Feature Changes/Restorations in SP13:
 Return of the Grid view
 Ability to set Grid view as the default view
 Ability to turn off automatic subscriptions to new threads
 Ability to switch between Grid view and Reading view while in
a discussion topic
 Ability to assess posts from the Grid view
 Ability to print all posts in all threads for a single topic
The Grid View is Coming Back
• Look and feel similar to an email inbox
• Display threaded or unthreaded
• Sort by column heading
Use Account Settings to set Discussions
Default View for All Courses
Two new user account
From Minibar drop-down
menu, Account Settings,
Discussions tab
 Set the default view
 Set Auto Subscription
preference for new
Can Also Set the Default View from
Discussions Settings in Discussion Tool
Grid View has Additional Settings
Switch between Reading and Grid
View from the Discussion Topic
Toggle between Grid View and Reading View while viewing discussion topics,
without making any change to the default view setting.
How to Switch Views While Reading
From Topic context
menu, toggle between
Reading view and
Grid view.
Assess Posts from the Grid View
Assess From Grade Item
 Most efficient method for assessing discussions is still from
the Grade Item
Print All Posts from All Threads in a Topic
Watch D2L’s video of the Discussion
Tool Changes
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJy_ZYTQt2I
Watch for Return of the Grid View
Coming to Production December 30, 2014
Return of the Grid View
In all its former glory

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