School Direct

Kirsty Anderson
Teaching Fellow:
Durham University
2 long term placements
 Initially a HASE placement
 Optional days in school in University based
 University weeks: M/T/W in University, Th/F
in school
 Th/F can be optional for PGCE but NOT
optional for SD
 2 week enhanced placement
 Collegiate
 Students apply to a college
 Support provided (some live in the Colleges)
 Same for SD and core PGCE students
students (including SD) have
placements organised and supported by a
school cluster
 One lead school with 6-8 students
 School Training Centre Coordinator (STCC)
will liaise with students and university
 Sometimes the STCC is the head
 QA tutor for each cluster
 All schools have a partnership liaison tutor
 SD alliances have access to the same support
for QA
 St
John Vianney School in Hartlepool: first
Alliance to adopt School Direct model
 Alliance wanted to maintain the academic
rigour provided by the PGCE model at
Durham University
 Teaching and Learning conference- week long
in January
 Same time in University as core PGCE
 Tutor guidance offered by Alliance initially
 More
directed time in school that core PGCE
(optional Th/F for core PGCE)
 PGCE is at Masters level
 Placements directed by the school alliance
 Placements within alliance of schools
 Kathleen Brown is SD lead at Durham
 [email protected]
Schools will approach the University and choose
to be partners
 Applications are shared with school alliance and
 Interviews are held in school
 Interview process is enhanced by a child-centred
experience: eg. Small group teaching or a child
led interview panel
 School takes the lead on who will be offered the
 DU paperwork used
 DU representatives support interview process
 Currently
12 SD places, of which 11 are
filled: 9 fee paying, 2 salaried
 Hartlepool based Teaching Alliance
 2014-15: 15 fee paying SD places, 5 salaried
 Some of the current partnership schools are
considering SD in the future
 Teaching
Alliance in Newcastle
 2 universities chosen by students
 Paired placements: September-January
 Mon-Thurs in school
 Fri- study day (1 in 4 in University)
 Pedagogy led by the school based staff
 QA from the Alliance

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