Training 4 Care/KCC

Training 4 Care / KCC
Social Care
Short Course Provision
A Contract
with Kent County Council
Kent County Council has appointed Training 4 Care at
South Kent College as the only training provider offering short
training courses subsidised by KCC for the private, independent
and voluntary sectors in Kent including individuals employed by
service users under the Direct Payment arrangements.
Benefits of Short Courses
• Up-skill the Health & Social Care Workforce.
• Meet the National Minimum Standards requirements.
• All courses are subsidised and cost £15
• All certificates have identified the knowledge delivered on the short courses
and are cross-referenced to :
– CIS (Common Induction Standards)
– LDQ (Learning Disability Qualification)
– NVQs in Health & Social Care
How Will Training 4 Care Help You
• By providing courses that will be delivered regularly and locally to 36,000
learners across the county.
• By developing a course booklet relevant to each course identifying the
course content.
• These booklets can be used to APL once a reflective log identifying how tha
training was implemented in the workplace.
• A testimony from a senior carer or line manager can then verify the impact o
the training on care provision.
How does Training 4 Care Run?
T4C provides prepared and designed courses specifically for those
working with:
Adults and Adult Learning Disabilities.
• Domiciliary Care
• Children
Adults and Adult Learning Disabilities
• These courses are delivered in venues across Kent where the majority of
the courses are
9.30am – 4.30pm for whole days
and 9:30am – 1:00pm for half-days.
• We are currently working from the May/June/July schedule and the
schedule for September will be with employers by end of July.
• A quarter of the courses delivered so far have been in-house.
This is where venues have been identified as suitable for training 10-12 of
their own staff.
Domiciliary Care
• Met with Ann Taylor (Managing Director of Home Care Services)
• Attended networking meeting for domiciliary care.
• Identified four domiciliary care managers to create a steering group.
and to date have met on many occasions
• Designed a specific domiciliary programme brochure.
• Designed courses specifically for domiciliary care to be delivered over two
half days from 10am – 2pm.
• Course Booklets to be redesigned for domiciliary care workers only. This
work is in progress.
Meeting Requirements
of the Workforce
• T4C has simplified the booking forms.
• T4C has developed a variety of booking options by adding email,
website and telephone.
• T4C now accepts credit cards as payment for bookings
• T4C is ensuring certificates are sent to employees within 2 weeks of
Employers Forum
• The Employers Forum is made up of a group of 30 volunteers
from all sectors who are actively helping to drive the
KCC/Training 4 Care Project.
• The most recent meeting was held at The Croft Hotel in Ashfor
in December where all aspects of the contract were discussed
Stakeholders Group
• Required to prepare a quarterly report on performance management
including pre-course information, venues, evaluation, trainer’s
competence and compliments and complaints.
• Required to prepare a six-monthly financial report and results of an
employers and employee’s survey of satisfaction.
• Newsletter.
Feedback from Employers
• The first survey will be prepared for July.
• Capturing impact of training to date and identifying suitability of
courses offered.
• Three additional courses have been requested:
– Nutrition in the care setting.
– Dementia training (not dementia awareness).
– Medication identifying each specific sector.
As well as two short courses being delivered in one day Three hour courses such as epilepsy, diabetes or
Parkinson’s disease.
Staffing the Contract
Contract is overseen and resourced by the Contract Manager, Project Manager and Deputy
Project Manager and three senior staff members together with ten variable lecturers with
various backgrounds and expertise.
Staff are continuously updating their skills and standardising content of delivery.
Four members of staff are going to Adult Protection Training with KCC and five members of
staff to train in delivery of the Mental Capacity Act.
Five members of staff have done the Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course
Seven members of staff have done the Train the Trainer Course
One staff members is attending NEBOSH training at WKC.
We currently work with four training providers: KCHT, Vital Solutions and Pepenbury are
currently arranging to work with Safe Hands.
Training 4 Care
One Year On
No. 2
No. 9
Common Induction
Standards Training
No. 3
In House Trainers
training staff under
Training 4 Care
For Managers
(Domicillary Care)
For Managers
(Adult s)
No. 1
No. 7
No. 6
Training 4 Care
Stage 2 Mental
Capacity Act
Mental Capacity
Act Awareness
Quarterly Schedule for
Generic/Cross Kent
Training and the Inhouse
Bespoke Training
(For Managers)
Common Induction
Standards Training
No. 10
No. 10
Stage 1
Stage 2
(For Managers)
No. 8
Learning Disability
Qualification Induction
Training (LD’s Care
Impaired Hearing
& Impaired Sight
Training in
partnership with
Training 4 Care
1 day Learning
• As a direct response to requests for training at
this level the following training will be delivered
through the Training4 Care/KCC Contract and
will directly contribute to CPD opportunities for
Managers and will continue to be subsidised at
£15 per person per day.
Management Courses
Supervisory & Performance Management
We have revisited this programme and made it more specific for the needs of Managers.
This training will provide a framework for supervision and appraisal, and will guide through the
stages of preparing for, participating and implementing tasks agreed in supervision and appraisal
sessions. It will include consideration of personal, interpersonal and organisational blocks to the
National Care Standards and Meeting KCC’s Contract Specifications
We have worked closely with Kent County Council to identify contents of this course and have
redesigned the course material to support the application of these standards to the delivery of the
KCC Contract.
Delegates who have previously attended this course will be offered an opportunity to attend a
redesigned course free of charge.
Health & Safety Risk Assessment for Managers
This will give Managers the skills and knowledge to write Health & Safety Risk
Assessments using the HSE Five Steps to Risk Assessment. Managers are
encouraged to bring existing documentation so support can be given on reviewing
and guidance on writing.
Mental Capacity Act Stage 2 Training (2 days)
This course covers issues around supporting decision making, maximising capacity,
communication, capacity assessment and making best interest decisions. It provides
an update on the Act since its full implementation including Lasting Power of Attorney,
Independent Mental Capacity Advocate and Deprivation of Liberty.
Accredited Dementia Training for Managers (2 days)
This training will provide participants with an insight into what the experience of dementia may be like and give an
introduction to the concept of person-centred care. A basic understanding of dementia as a range of different
conditions and a basic understanding of how dementia may affect a person’s behaviour and ability to
communicate, and the impact this may have on others will be covered as well as a demonstration of how
teamwork and support can lead to better care for people with dementia and a better workplace.
Common Induction Standards 1-day Training
Learning Disability Qualification 1-day Training
for Registered Managers
These 1-day courses are designed for Registered Managers involved in Induction Programmes for their staff.
They will be in the form of a Workshop and will offer support at individual levels.
Adult Protection Stage 2 (Levels 2-6)
The Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Committee are designing a training structure for the private, independent and
voluntary sector across Domicillary, Residential and Nursing Home settings. This is a follow-on from the Adult
Protection Awareness Course and is designed for Senior Carers and Managers. Level 2 - "The Practitioners
Role” is currently being planned for delivery in the Autumn 2008.
Short Courses identified in main schedule
Person centred Planning Awareness training (currently in development stage)
A 5-day cluster of training has been identified to cover the Learning Disability
Qualification Induction training and will take place 5 days per month. The 5 days are
planned for new staff or staff requiring all the training. If however more experienced
staff require induction then only the gaps identified will be required. The evidence to
APL to an NVQ will then need to be supplied separately. This is a City & Guilds
accredited course and registration and certification will be required.
A 1-day course for Registered Managers responsible for Learning Disability
Qualification Induction training
The training can be mapped against the core units of the NVQ and also against the
inhouse induction and LDQ.
Cost of this 5 days of training is £100 per candidate
 Short courses identified in main schedule
 Bespoke training for Domicillary Care staff on specific courses (including Medication and Infection
 Professional Skills for Registered Care Workers
 Quality Assurance Training Course for Senior Carers/Managers
 CIS 1-day training for Registered Managers
 A 5-day cluster of training has been identified to cover the Common Induction Standards training and
will take place 5 days per month. The 5 days are planned for new staff or staff requiring all the training. If
however more experienced staff require induction then only the gaps identified will be required. The
evidence to APL to an NVQ will then need to be supplied separately.
 A 1-day course for Registered Managers responsible for Common Induction Standards training
The training can be mapped against the core units of the NVQ and also against the inhouse induction and
Cost of this 5 days of training is £100 per candidate
Training 4 Care will be working with KCC to promote training for those working with
people who are sight impaired or hearing impaired through the contract.
These courses are run by the Kent Association for the Blind and HiKent Challenging
Deafness Together staff who already offer high quality training to all Health & Care
There will be the option of two half days of “Awareness” Training with half the day
being for Sight Impairment and the other for Hearing Impairment or the option of a
one-day accredited course for each.
From April 2008 you will be able to book your staff onto these courses through
Training 4 Care.
• Nutrition: Suitable for those working with the elderly,
learning disabilities or children
• English Matters: For Managers, Employers of staff
where English is not their first language and follow-up
courses for care staff themselves
• Accredited Dementia Training: This course runs over
2 days
Inhouse Trainers
In an effort to standardise training Training 4 Care is currently working with nine
individual inhouse trainers who are responsible for delivering training within
their own establishments.
If you have an inhouse trainer in your establishment that would be interested in
training under the Training 4 Care Contract please contact Annie Maurer on
01303 858305 or email [email protected]
Bespoke Inhouse Training
• A quarter of courses delivered to date are inhouse for
employers with a suitable venue for training for 8-10 staff
who can access a variety of courses as part of the
Training 4 Care Contract.
• To arrange an inhouse training course please cdontact
?Joe Ulyatt on 012303 85842 or email:
[email protected]
• Ready for next 2 year contract period
• Main and Management Schedules for April May & June
have been sent
• Looking at electronic schedules to be sent in the future
• First Newsletter sent
• Revised course details to incorporate additional training
as requested
• Will continue to work with networking groups to design
and develop as appropriate.

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