What Happened to the Positive Behavior Support Plans?

What’s New With
Behavior Plans?
Ventura County SELPA
Mary E. Samples,
Assistant Superintendent
What happened to the Hughes Bill?
• Repealed July 1,
• What does
this mean?
What’s gone…
• No more BICM certification or
• No more Functional Analysis
Assessment with required elements
• No more Behavior Intervention Plan
with required elements
What stayed…..
• Behavior Emergency Reports for
emergency interventions or
serious property damage
• IEP within 2 days of behavior
What’s New?
• Behavior Analysis/ Review Worksheet (BARW)
• Functional Behavior Assessment form
• TWO Positive Behavior Intervention Plan
– one basic
– one comprehensive
Behavioral Analysis/Review
Worksheet- BA/RW
An informal tool to figure out what is going on
with the behavior:
• Description, frequency, etc
• Antecedents and Consequences
• Communicative function
• Replacement behavior that meets the same
• Possible reinforcers
More about the BA/RW
• Typically developed prior to the meeting
• Input from school staff (general and special
education), parents and others
• Not attached to the IEP, considered to be a
• May be kept in the student’s file (cum or Sped)
The BA/RW is located in SIRAS under Tools/Added
Ventura County SELPA
Behavior Analysis/Review Worksheet
Student Name:
Problem Behavior(s): (include frequency, duration and/or intensity)
Antecedents: (what typically triggers or is happening before the behavior?)
Consequences: (what usually happens as an immediate and/or delayed result of the behavior or
is the “payoff” for the behavior?)
Communicative Function of the Behavior: (based on the antecedents and the consequences,
what does the problem behavior allow the student to “get” or avoid/escape?)
 Escape
 Attention
 Sensory
 Tangible
Positive/Replacement Behavior: (what do we want the student to do instead of the behavior
that serves the same function but is more appropriate? Should not be simply a lack of the
problem behavior.)
Reinforcers: (what activities, objects, people, etc. are motivating to the student?)
Functional Behavior Assessment- FBA
• Used if an assessment is needed to figure out what is
going on with the behavior
• For complex behaviors or behaviors which are not
responding to interventions
• Requires a signed Assessment Plan
• Should only be completed by someone with training in
functional behavior assessment and analysis
• IEP within 60 days with a Written Report
The FBA template is on the SELPA website under
Assessment Reports
Two new BIPs in SIRAS
• Positive Behavior Intervention Plan “PBIP”
• Comprehensive Behavior Intervention Plan
(The former PBSP
Forms A, B and C are
no longer available)
Which BIP form when?
The law no longer requires specific elements to
be included in a BIP. Therefore, the IEP Team
should decide which form is most appropriate.
Positive Behavior Intervention PlanPBIP
Consider this plan for behaviors that:
• Are mild
• Are not complex
• Do not require complicated interventions or
reinforcement strategies
• Can be addressed by classroom staff
Typically developed by the Special Education
Teacher who may use the Behavior Analysis/Review
Worksheet (BA/RW)
Comprehensive Behavior Intervention
Plan- CBIP
Consider this plan for behaviors that:
• Baseline information
• Are more intensive or problematic
• Are more complex
• Require multiple interventions, reinforcement
strategies and fading plans
More About CBIP
• CBIP also has more detailed:
– Reactive Strategies
– Data Collection system
– Communication plan
Annual Goals
• PBIP- Requires at least one goal
• CBIP- Requires at least one
goal for the reduction of the problem
behavior or general skill development,
and one goal to increase the replacement
• Both are available for all IEPs
• If you choose one, the other is no longer
• If you click the Behavior Intervention Plan
button on the SIS page, it requires you to
develop one
Classroom Implementation Plans
• Available for both PBIP and CBIP
• Available in SIRAS under Tools/Document Library:
– Click on name of student
– Click on form
• Put in the name of the staff who will use the form
• Edit to address the responsibilities of that staff
• Print out
Repeat for as many different staff who need one!
Ventura County SELPA
For (staff)
Student Name
(first only)
Problem Behavior:
Positive/Replacement Behavior:
Please implement these strategies:
To reduce problem behavior
To increase positive/replacement behavior
What to do if the Problem Behavior occurs:
Questions? Please call ___________________________________________
Page 2
When is an FBA required?
• Lesser intensive interventions via the IEP are
not effective and IEP team determines need
• Parent request and district agrees
• Behavior Emergency report on a student with
no FBA-based BIP and IEP team indicates need
• Tenth day of suspension, with a pattern and
Manifestation of the Disability
When are a PBIP or CBIP required?
• As part of an IEP for behavior interfering with
• If an FBA has been conducted and indicates
the need
In Summary…..
It is the vision of the Ventura County SELPA that
teaching students appropriate social and
behavioral skills is a vital and integral part of the
Special Education program. IEP teams must
consider the most effective ways to develop and
implement behavior supports and interventions
that will enable students to access their
educational program. The skills that we teach
will help the young person to be successful in all
future areas of life!

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