Curriculum Night Pow - Oak Grove`s Fabulous Fourth Grade

Beginning my 19th year of teaching at
Oak Grove Elementary.
 BA, University of California, Berkeley
 MEd., Mercer University
 Gifted Certified
 Married with 2 children – ages 10 and 15.
3rd year of teaching at Oak Grove
 From Brooklyn, New York
 BA, Georgia State University
 M of Ed., Walden University
 2 children - ages 7 and 12.
Beginning my 2nd year of teaching at Oak
Grove Elementary – 9th year teaching
 BSEd, The Ohio State University
 MEd, The Ohio State University
 Gifted Certified and Orton-Gillingham
 2 boys – ages 10 and 12 and a
Beginning my 42nd year of teaching
 BA and MA from Michigan State
 Gifted Certified
 Married with 2 children. My son is a
resident in ENT, and my daughter works
in the insurance industry with a
doctorate in public health.
Beginning my 28th year of teaching.
 My fifth year teaching at Oak Grove.
 BA and Masters from Austin Peay State
 Gifted Certified
 Married with adult children and
Emphasis on number sense and math fluency.
Develop a strong concrete-to-conceptual
foundation in number and operations,
including fractions and decimals.
New Math Series: McGraw-Hill’s My Math.
With Unit 1, we are taking the time to
assess students and review some
foundations that relate to number
Each Friday the students will have a weekly
High Priority….Students need to be practicing
their Basic Multiplication Facts at home.
Suggestions for Practice…..
Daily 5 Activities – 4 days a week (Friday assessments)
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Word Work – Daily Language and Spelling
Response to Reading – 3 Reader’s Responses per week for
a classwork grade.
› Computer/Blog – Padlet, Lino, Edmodo – discussions about
books, characters, strategies, and skills
Daily Homework – Read 20 minutes and 1 reading
response per night – 4 per week
Reading books based on SS themes starting week
after Labor Day – Native American Unit
Daily Language Quiz every Friday, Spelling Quiz every
other Friday, and Greek/Latin Roots Quiz every other
Friday (opposite spelling)
Lots of reading, grammar, and writing about books
Social Studies:
 Native Americans
 European Explorers
 American Revolution
 Challenges Faced by a New Nation
 Westward Expansion
 Geographic/Economic Understandings
 Write Traits
 Learning to write like an author
Science is Thinking, Investigating, and
A Body of Knowledge
This year we will study five units: (Details are in student’s Text)
Light and Sound
Forces and Motion
Quizzes will be given over vocabulary and small
sections of each unit to help students prepare for the
unit and benchmark assessments.
Ms. Robinson will be with the Mrs.
Hawkins’ homeroom for math, reading,
and ELA.
She will be teaching content and sharing
the job of leading lessons, providing
remediation, and teaching small groups.
Two teachers is a benefit to all students
in the classroom!
7:55 – 9:00
9:05 – 9:35
 9:35 – 10:20
 10:25 – 11:00
 11:05 – 12:10
 12:30 - 1:15
 1:05 - 2:10
 2:10 - 2:15
 2:15 - 2:25
Tardy Bell Rings
First Rotation
Second Rotation – Part 1
Second Rotation – Part 2
Third Rotation
4th Grade Lunch
4th Rotation
Prepare for Dismissal
Recess and Lunch
Recess 12:10 – 12:25
Lunch 12:30 – 1:00
Recess 1:10 – 1:25
Recess 1:15 – 1:30
Recess 12:15 – 12:30
Lunch 12:40 – 1:10
Lunch 12:45 – 1:15
Lunch 12:35 – 1:05
This is DeKalb County’s third year using
 National Curriculum in both Reading and
 The curriculum is intended is to be clear
and consistent and to help students
meet their full potential.
 The objective of CCGPS is to introduce
more rigor into the curriculum.
Progress/Report cards will be issued
every 4 ½ weeks.
 Summative Assessments(Post –Assessment Test,
Final or Culminating Exam, Culminating Project)30%
 Assessment During Learning
(Warm-Up, Quiz, Projects) 25%
 Guided, Independent, or
Group Practice (Classwork,
Project or
Performance, Homework) 45%
Students should complete assignments and be
ready to turn them in on the due date.
Homework is assigned most evenings. Late
homework will be accepted minus 10% points for
each day that it is late. It will not be accepted
after the third day. A zero will be given.
Each student is required to have and keep up
with assignments in his or her daily agenda.
Grade level appropriate projects will be assigned
throughout the year.
Projects and long-term assignments will have 10%
points deducted for each day they are late.
Students are expected to come to class
prepared to learn.
 Follow classroom rules.
 Students are also expected to follow the
Student Code of Conduct.
 More Independence, Means More
Georgia Milestones is the new assessment
that will be replacing the CRCT and the 3rd
and 5th grade writing assessment this spring.
o Writing will be incorporated into the Milestones
o Written responses will be included for ELA and
To find out more about this new assessment,
please plan on attending an informational
meeting on Tuesday, September 23rd at
6:30 pm.
Students should always have their
agenda with them.
Parents, please sign the agendas daily.
Notations will be indicated with a check
mark and will be located in the next to
last lined box in each day’s column.
The tardy bell rings at 7:45. If you arrive after 11:05, you
are considered absent.
If your child is absent, please send a note to school
when your child returns. Without a note, it will be
marked as an unexcused absence.
Absences and tardies will be considered excused for
the following reasons:
-illness or medical situations
-serious illness or death in child’s immediate family
-special or recognized religious holidays
-serving as a page in the Legislature
-family emergencies, with administrator approval
Can be accessed from the Oak Grove
Remind is text messaging system. You
can also use an email address.
 If you have not signed up with Remind
for all four homeroom teachers, please
do so.
 We have handouts with easy instructions
to assist you.
You can contact us using the agenda, via
email, with a note, or through the school
If you email us after 12:00pm, we may not
see the email until the end of the day.
If you have an emergency and need to get
a message to your child before dismissal,
please contact the front office.
Snacks should be peanut and tree nut
 Edmodo – eLearning platform that
students will use. Students will use it to
engage in online lessons created by the
 Recorders and Mrs. Card

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