5M Cream Table choose your own adventure story

The Adventures of Liam and the Space Sword
Rapidly, Liam jumped out of bed, with his heart beating so hard he thought he was
having a heart attack. Caching his breath, he began to hear a crinkling noise coming
from his i phone. Why would Frank be ringing me at this early hour? Wondered Liam.
Liam read the message and realised that Frank was in trouble, all that the message
said was: HELP FIND PLANET BRING SPACE SWORD. Liam knew he had to get to Frank’s
spaceship, hidden in a secret hideout behind the bushes next door.
Towering above him, Liam looked at the massive, silver space ship. The thought of the
mission he going to do worried him. As soon as he stepped on board he began to look
around. At the far end of the ship flashed thousands of different shaped battens. But
above all of them flashed three large buttons with Mars, Venus and Saturn on.
Slowly, Liam walked towards the flashing lights, when he saw something shining out of
the corner of his eye. That must be the space sword thought Liam. Standing in front of
the three larger flashing buttons Liam, nervously, pressed one.
Which planet did he choose?
MARS Venus or
Chapter 2 Mars
Slowly, nervously Liam crept out of the space ship. Rocks floated
everywhere. Sweat dripped down his face as the heat hit him. Liam
started to search for Frank, he explored everywhere.
After 3 hours of looking he began to feel sleepy. Sitting down Liam had
a feeling that someone was watching him. He tried to look around to
see who was watching him but he was too sleepy to see. Liam was
floating, fast sleep, further and further away he went. The sword
dropped out of his hand.
Eventually Liam woke up in the space ship. Feeling confused, he
wondered how he had got back. Realizing that the sword had
disappeared and not wanting to leave the space ship, Liam pressed one
of three buttons.
Which button did he press? 1 2 or 3.
Liam landed on a rocky planet and he looked around to try to recognise
it. He stopped and thought ‘Wait a second. I came here to save Frank
not to worry about myself. I am not even trying to look for him’. Liam
decided to look for Frank when he saw a big golden house. Liam thought
that maybe Frank was in that big golden house.
As he went through the door, right in front of him was lots of food. Piles
of chocolate and mountains of donuts were calling him in. Liam reached
out but he was unexpectedly attacked by a creature. Quickly Liam ran
out and the door slammed behind him.
As Liam ran to the space ship he realised that he left the sword but he
did not run back because he saw the creature guarding the door.
On the space ship Liam he knew that he had to get out of this planet.
What button did he s? 1 , 2, 3
As the spaceship slowed down, Saturn became clearer. Liam looked through the
window and wondered what adventures waited for him. He knew he had to save
Frank, but he also wondered whether he’d need to save himself too.
With the trusty silver sword held firmly in his hand, he disembarked onto the rocky
surface of the unfamiliar planet. He looked left. Nothing. He looked right. Still nothing.
Scared. Terrified. Distressed. “How am I going to find him here,” he panicked.
Suddenly, without warning, space rocks began to fly towards him. He dodged them as
best he could, but they kept coming at him.
Silence. Stillness. Shadows.
As he came round, he realised he was lying on the ground. “I must have been hit by an
asteroid,” he thought to himself. Grasping around him, Liam tried to find the sword,
but it was nowhere!
“How am I going to find Frank now.” Despair filled his body.
He slowly walked back, constantly looking for a glimmer of hope that the sword would
show itself.
As he entered the spaceship he noticed that three buttons were flashing. “Where
next?” he thought, “Button 1, 2 or 3?”
Power land
As soon as he came out of his space ship all he saw were people with
swords, shields and all sorts of weapons attacking each other. It was
bazaar. Suddenly somebody charged at Liam so he moved back then he
carefully started looking around. He went in to a shiny, silver house.
In it he saw something green. Liam had one big look at it and he said
are you Shrek? The thing said no in a very deep voice! Who are you
then? The thing said a monster that is about TO EAT YOU IF YOU DONT
GO AWAY! Liam ran as fast as he could. But he remembered that he had
left his sword by the house. So he ran back and grabbed it and rescued
the spaceship and quickly shut the door. The green monster bashed the
spaceship so hard that Liam was forced to evacuate by using the eject
button. Liam flew through the sky and land next to 3 portals witch one
does he chooses.
Red , Yellow , Black
Chapter 3 Killing Land
Gently Liam landed the bright, silver space ship on the rusty ground. He
looked around. He sensed no danger. For the first time in this voyage he
felt safe. Grabbing his weapons, just in case of emergencies, he stepped
out of the space ship. In the distance he could hear some loud people
talking and laughing. His heart was starting to beat, so hard.
Liam looked all around. He saw a group of people.
‘What are they up to?’ He thought to himself. Liam walked up to them
and said “hello”? Liam realized that there were no ladies, only men, all
gathered together whispering in different languages that Liam was not
familiar with.
Behind the crowd stood a robot, rusty with thousands of swords all over
him. The group of men pointed at the robot, then pointed at Liam. The
crowd stared parting, Liam ran to his space ship but, it was not there
anymore. However there were three, colorful portals. Frightened, Liam
stepped in to one of the portals. Which one did he choose
Red yellow or black
Playing Land
Bang! The spaceship landed with a thud. Liam looked at the alien planet and stared in
amazement at what he saw. Around him stood trees, the shape of lollypops, all bright and swirly
and they seemed to carry on for miles. Birds flew around singing beautifully. “I must be
dreaming,” he thought to himself. “Surely there will be somebody here who can help me.” All
Liam wanted was a clue as to where Frank was and an idea of where the sword had gone.
Liam began to explore his surroundings. He walked towards what looked like a circus or
fairground. As he drew nearer the bright image of the colourful amusement park began to turn.
Reds faded to grey. Bright blues melted to insipid tones of green. All around him the beauty of
the planet began to wash away. Fear gripped Liam’s heart.
Running quickly, Liam headed back towards the spacecraft, but it too had changed. All that was
left of his friend’s ship was a pile of rusty metal. “How am I going to get off this planet?”
wondered Liam.
He ran again. To where? He did not know. All he knew was that he could not stay, not here. He
felt the love and hope that had kept him searching for his friend, begin to slip away too. What
was happening to him? A cold horror began to fill his body.
Colour. A beacon of hope rose in the distance. Liam knew where he had to go. He ran towards
the light. Drawing nearer he saw not one, but three lights shining majestically in front of him.
They were portals, of this Liam was sure, and at his feet lay the sword he had lost. He grabbed
the sword, smiled and , without hesitation, stepped into one of the portals.
Red, Black or Yellow.
Liam opened his eyes and looked at where he was.
Furthermore all he saw were people with shiny weapons. He
felt scared but he asked someone “why do you have
“To protect ourselves,” replied the man. But Liam recognised
someone. It can’t be? So Liam took a closer look. Is that
Frank? It is! Liam ran shouting Frank’s name. But Liam got
tangled up in a gargantuan, green vine so Frank threw Liam a
knife to cut it but it never worked so Frank cut and bombed
the vine so it won’t get any on and Liam realised a portel that
takes them home the went in it and boooooom. After Liam
started to talk to him. “Are you okay?” Liam said.
“Yes because you saved me thanks” “bye then” “bye”
Aboard Ship
Liam landed on a strange dusty planet. All around him was
dust, he was cold he had to find a shelter. But there were only
rocks. He started building a shelter out of the hard, red rocks.
Soon Liam fell asleep. As he awoke from his sleep he decided
to look for his friend.
Soon he found his friend in a cage. He threw his sword at the
rope, the cage fell. He saved his friend, the swords clashed on
the aliens armour. Eventually, killed all the aliens. He goes to
save his other friend.

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