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Good Day
This is your
30-Second DPN
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Workforce centers/One Stop Centers, throughout the state of Iowa
are approved as an Employment Network (EN) under the Social
Security Ticket to Work (TTW) program?
No, never heard of it
No, sounds scary.
No, we don’t work with Social Security.
Yes in 2007 all Iowa workforce centers were approved
Many of the workforce centers in Iowa have received
training and/or information but in case you missed
that day or just forgot.… please try again!
Come on…Scary?
Even though many folks panic
when they hear Social Security,
IRS, etc. no need to worry. Be
happy! Try again.
Better go back and try again…
Job seekers coming to workforce
centers may be receiving Social
Security Benefits. If they tell you
they receive SS Disability
Insurance or SSI, you need to
hook them up with the Navigator.
Please try again!
Great Job!
You got it right! What is an Employment Network (EN) you
ask? Workforce centers are natural “employment
networks” just by the nature of their services and programs.
EN’s are agencies providing employment services to job
seekers who receive SSA benefits in obtaining employment.
Refer someone on benefits to the Navigator for more info.
Thank you
From Mary Lynn ReVoir, Lead Navigator
[email protected]
(866) 520-8986 Ext. 107
for deaf/hard of hearing use Relay 711
30-Second DPN Trainings are a National Disability Program Navigator collaborative effort.
Please contact your local DPN to add a friend or colleague to this list.

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