BACOP Meeting (2)

An attempt to improve the process in DMV
PM and BA Structure in DMV
Program Analysis
Administrative Analysts in PA manage projects, act as BA’s
on projects, and also perform dual role
Project Management at DMV Team (PMAT)
PM’s in PMO manage projects and often perform role of the
Community of practice – establish PM methodology
Business Process Center of Excellence (BOCOE)
Business process modeling/analysis
 Eventually feed business case for change
Gathering Requirements – As Is
High level requirements captured in the project
scope statement
Business rules captured in standard business rule
document created by IT
No standard BRD
 Requirements
are not fully documented and system
does not meet users’ needs – rework
 Requirements gathering takes too much time = projects
take too much time
Gathering Requirements – To Be
Standardize BA practices – like we’ve done for
project management
 Pilot
BRD on one project (PMO)
 Format
for high-level requirements
 Possibly new format for business rules
 Leave no requirement behind…
and PA
 Standard
business analysis modeling tools
 Business processes are documented prior to business case
development and project kick-off – streamline the
requirements process
BRD Pilot
Used a BRD template for the Audit Modernization
Project – why?
 In
theory, developing a standard template for use by
all projects – like PM templates - may speed up the
requirements gathering process. BA’s and PM’s know
what to expect.
 Requirements are now contained in several documents –
scope, business rules, Visio diagrams, spreadsheets –
would one document better tell the requirements story?
BRD has not be passed off to IT staff for functional
specifications, but IT lead has found this format
 Area
for comments in the business rule section would be
 Need to assess with the team to determine what
worked or what could have been done better
Still took quite a bit of time to develop the
Does your agency use a BRD or are the
requirements documented in a series of documents?
How does your agency speed up the requirements
What recommendations do you have for us as we
continue to develop strategies for gathering

similar documents