WRNMMC Presentation

Walter Reed National Military
Medical Center
 Nation’s Medical Center
 Serving active military, retired military and dependants in
the Washington, D.C. area, across the country and around
the globe
 Largest military medical center in the United States
 Provides care in 100 clinics and other specialties
 Known for the first destination in the continental United
States for caring for
 Wounded
 Ill
 Those injured from global conflicts
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
11 Ophthalmologists
 1 Clinic Nurse Manager
 1 Surgical Nurse
 1 Clinic Manager
 4 Front desk staff
 1 Clinic Secretary
 7 Corpsmen
 15 Technicians
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
Services include:
Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Corneal and external disease
Glaucoma and anterior segment
Oculoplastics and orbital disorders
Pediatric Ophthalmology/Strabismus
Refractive Surgery/ Vision correction
Vitreo-retinal conditions
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 The ophthalmology clinic is committed to
Providing comprehensive, world-class care
Latest, state-of-the art equipment and
 The ophthalmologists treat a wide range of disease,
both medically and surgically
 The patients are pediatric and adult
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 The clinic sees about 100 patients per day
About 14 patients checking in per hour
Each specialty Clinic sees 23 patients a week
 Provider will have 20 minutes per patient
Busy clinic that provides quality
care to over 500 patients per week
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
Internship role:
 Help
the front desk staff be
more productive
 Improve patient flow for the
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 To achieve my goals I wrote two
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Front desk staff
• Technicians
• I also updated the existing clinic SOP
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 I used the following skills to write the
Writing skills
 Communication skills
 Knowledge from various classes
 Business law
 Human resource
 Leadership
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 SOPs will help the clinic staff and leadership
Understand the clinic mission and vision
 Define jobs
 Ensure proper clinical dress attire is worn
 Practice professional behavior
 Improve Communication
 With patients
 With other staff members
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 I learned that I am able to work with people and
encourage others to be a team player
In a clinical environment there a many different personalities
and others may perceive events and circumstances differently
 I have always enjoyed working in a medical setting
Chance to not only help patients but also work with staff
Use my critical thinking skills when talking and listening to
patients and the staff
 It is important that staff:
Understand their job description
Are properly trained to do their job
Have the resources to do their job correctly and efficiently
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 The internship gave me a first hand experience about
 Poor leadership
Brings down morale
Produces poor communication
 Good Leadership
Creates positive morale
Enables good communication
WRNMMC Ophthalmology Department
 Communication is a key to leadership
 Open communication
Learn to listen to others
Encourage others to talk
Ask questions/clarification
Speaking up in a professional way to help others team
Not talking down
Never assume that the other should know
Special Thanks to
Marissa Weber M.D.
Walter Reed National Medical Military Center
Ophthalmology Department

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