Why do we need to capture the Learner Voice?

Why do we need to capture the Learner Voice?
learner voice | objectives
To make staff aware of:
1. The key role of Learner Voice Feedback in monitoring the
quality of teaching and learning delivery
2. The role of Learner Voice within the new Ofsted Common
Inspection Framework.
3. The need to support and promote Learner Voice Feedback
learner voice | objectives
Why we need to do it
Why we do it
learner voice | why we need to do it
Learner voice is an important part of the new Ofsted
Common inspection framework.
Our learners viewpoint MUST match our own quality reviews
and inform our policy making decisions.
learner voice | why we do it
Learners are not trained observers but each is a valuable data
Learners are the only people
present at all teaching whether
delivered on or off site and thus
can provide more complete
We need to listen to our learners in order to improve services
and the simple act of listening will improve their experience
learner voice | benefits
We can get instant feedback from the group of people who are
most important
We demonstrate our priorities to Ofsted
It provides an evidence base for the SAR
We have an opportunity to compare our view of our services
with that of those that use them
learner voice | issues
We need to remember that any collection of evidence
takes time and places more pressure on staff, we need to
collect feedback intelligently to reduce workload.
It is important to remember that this is not an opportunity
to collect negative comments on staff. It is a chance to
collect additional data enabling us to compare and improve
both our provision and service
learner voice | importance
A teaching observation is a 20 minutes snapshot of
delivery on an entire programme and can be affected by
nerves, a bad day, sickness etc
An effective learner voice provides insight into the entire
programme and so potentially is much more significant

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