Grammar and Vocabulary For a work that is often regarded as one of the key operas of the twentieth (TWENTY) ___________ century, there are surprisingly outstanding.

Grammar and Vocabulary
For a work that is often regarded
as one of the key operas of the
twentieth (TWENTY)
century, there are surprisingly
outstanding (STAND)
few ____________
performances of Wozzeck.
This new version is just about the best
around at the moment. Although there are
moments which are far from perfect - the
interpretation (INTERPRET) of the
character of Wozzeck is only occasionally
(OCCASION) successful - at others the
characterisation and singing are
impressive (IMPRESS), especially the
almost _________
faultless (FAULT) performance
of Angela Denoke as Marie.
Denoke has just the right mix of
passion and __________
(TENDER); her cruel treatment at
the hands of fate produces a final
scene which is genuinely
touching (TOUCH).
Time Flies
Does your birthday seem to come
around faster each year? The
common perception that time flies as you
get older was first noted by the
psychologist William James in the
nineteenth century. More recently,
scientists in London set _______
out to
investigate the extent to ________
which age
has an effect ________
the way that
time is perceived.
Researchers asked people, divided
into three age groups, to say how
long ago they thought certain major
public events had happened. The result
was that people in the 19-21 age
group thought that the events had
occurred more recently _________
actually had, while the over 60s dated
events too far back. The middle-aged
group were the most accurate.
These results show that our
perception of time really _______
depend on age, although no one
why this should
quite knows _______
be. One possible explanation is
that as we get older, we
accumulate memories for events
such as birthdays and holidays.
These regular events, occurring at the
same time each year, act as mental
markers, increasing the impression
time passing more quickly.
Another possible explanation is that we
perceive time in relation ______
own age. When you are four, a year is a
quarter of your life, _______
it's only a
fortieth for a forty-year-old.
Whatever the real explanation
may be, one thing is certain. We
should take time out to enjoy
ourselves while we're young,
because life speeds ______
up as
we get older.
If the wage parity agreement
_____________ approved,
there might have been a strike.
a) will not be
b) was not
c) had not been
d) is not
If the yield _____________ up
from 9.8 percent, it would have
been the highest average yield
since 1982.
a) will go
c) has gone
b) would go
d) had gone
Debtors are expected to
remain ____________ heavy
economic pressure unless the
interest rates are lowered.
a) from
c) beneath
b) under
d) below
Their monetary unit ________
stronger if they did something
about their deficit.
a) would be
c) should be
b) will be
d) can be
This purchase _________ a poor
decision if it had been made for
investment purposes only.
a) was
b) would be
c) may be
d) would have been
Before Annie ran out for a
meeting yesterday, she had
Ms. Brunelli __________ the
new clerk around the premises.
a) showing
c) showed
b) was showed
d) show
The board reported that, even
though we didn't consult them
first, it __________ a good
decision to find a new director.
a) was
c) is
b) have been
d) has been
They will import 750,000 more
automobiles a year if
international quotas set by the
ministry _______ lifted.
a) be
c) will be
b) are
d) have been
According to the report
published in today's Sun,
the local government plans
to reduce spending ____
one million dollars.
a) at
c) with
b) of
d) by
If the government ________
an import fee as it has
threatened to do for years,
prices of consumer goods will
increase by at least 10%.
a) imposes
c) is imposing
b) will impose d) has imposed
What company besides ours
would make its employees
________ overtime on a
national holiday?
a) be working
c) worked
b) will be working
d) work
I offered to lend Lisa money
for a holiday but she refused.
= (turn)
Lisa ___________
turned down my offer to
lend her money for a holiday.
If you are not satisfied with
the hotel service, you should
say so.
= (make)
You should _______________
make a complaint
if you are not satisfied with the
hotel service.
The gardens are open each
day for visitors to enjoy the
flower displays.
= (that)
The gardens are open each day
so that visitors can enjoy the
flower displays.
Could you carry my case for
me, please?
= (mind)
mind carrying my
Would ____________
case for me, please?
I wish I hadn't missed your
birthday party.
= (regret)
I _____________
regret missing your
birthday party.
'Have you bought a new
bicycle?' Ben asked Katy.
= (whether)
Ben asked Katy
she had bought
a new bicycle.
The flight to the islands
took fifteen hours.
= (was)
It ________________
was a fifteen-hour flight
to the islands.
The cold wet weather
depresses me and I feel
= (get)
The cold wet weather
gets me down and
I feel homesick.
John's spelling is so bad
I can hardly read his
= (such)
such a bad speller
John is ________________
that I can hardly read his
You can still get a ticket
for tonight's concert if you
haven't got one already.
= (unless)
You can still get a ticket
for tonight's concert
unless you have got
one already
'My cousin doesn't work
in the factory any more,'
said Helen.
= (no)
Helen said that my
no longer worked in the
They say that the President is
thinking of calling an election.
= (said)
is said to
The President _________
be thinking of calling an
Joe said it was my fault that
he missed the bus.
= (blamed)
blamed me for having
Joe ___________________
missed his bus.
I haven't seen my
grandparents since
= (time)
last time I saw my
The ________________
grandparents was at
A second-hand car is
cheaper than a new
= (expensive)
A second-hand car
less expensive than
a new one.
Although he had hurt
his hand, Don still did
his violin practice.
= (his)
having hurt
Despite ___________,
his hand Don still did
his violin practice.
Although he had hurt
his hand, Don still did
his violin practice.
= (his)
having hurt
Despite ___________,
his hand Don still did
his violin practice.
Let's visit my parents
= (go)
Why _____________
don’t we go to see
my parents tomorrow?
Of the five senses, smell is probably
the one that you value least. Yet your
sense of smell is the most direct link
the brain and the outside
world. It ______ two
seconds for a
smell to ______
the nose and travel
to the part of the brain _______
which emotions and memories.
how your sense of
Exactly _______
smell influences your emotions,
not fully
however, is _______
Nevertheless, a sense of smell
can even influence your
with other
relationships _______
Apparently, you _______
in love
through your nose, not your
eyes or your ears. Moreover,
people tend to smell of what
they eat and _______ can
influence what people think of
In one famous study, 84 percent
part said
of people taking ______
likely to buy a
they were more ______
particular brand of trainers, when
were placed in a room
they ______
smelling of flowers.
This kind of knowledge can be
used to influence people's
spending habits at a
level and could
subconscious ______,
selling all
obviously be useful in ______
sorts of things from clothing to

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