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Maryland 4-H 2010
Portfolio Process
for Out-of-State Trips
The Maryland 4-H Awards and
Recognition Committee
Major Out-of-State Trips
National 4-H Congress
National 4-H Conference
West Virginia Older Members’ Conference
Virginia 4-H Congress
Camp Miniwanca
Number of Trips per 4-Her
A 4-Her will be limited to two major trips during
his/her 4-H career and no more than one trip per
calendar year and a 4-Her can attend each trip
only once.
Portfolio Components and Scoring
• Scoring:
– Interview
– Resume
– Essay
40 Points
40 Points
20 Points
100 Points
• For National 4-H Congress-Each County/City Has One
Slot, but Youth Must Acquire a Minimum Total Score of
80%, Two Slots are Reserved for State Public Speaking
and Fashion Review Champions and the Remaining
Slots Are Filled Based off of Total Score.
• Application, Resume, and Essay for
National 4-H Conference is October 8,
2010 to the Maryland 4-H Center
• Application, Resume, and Essay for
National 4-H Congress, Camp Miniwanca,
West Virginia Older Members’ Conference
and Virginia 4-H Congress is January 20,
2010 to the Maryland 4-H Center
The Resume
• Focus:
– Leadership
– Citizenship
– Life Skills
Length-no more than three pages
Single Spaced
Margins-no less than 1 inch
Font Size-no less than 12 point
The Essay
• 2008 Essay Theme-”Of the Four H’s,
Which One Has Had the Most Impact On
Your Life and Why?”
• Length-no more than two pages
• Double Spaced
• Margins-no less than 1 inch
• Font Size-no less than 12 point
The Interview
• Focus
– Leadership
– Citizenship
– Life Skills
• Interview Tips Sheet
Interview Dates and Locations
4-H Conference (Fall 2010)
– Maryland 4-H Center, College Park, November 9, 2010
– Volunteer & Teen Forum, Ocean City, November 21, 2010
(Choose one of the two locations)
• 4-H Congress, VA Congress, WV Congress & Camp
Miniwanca (Winter 2010)
– Queen Anne’s County Extension Office, Centreville, February 6,
2010 (Snow Date February 20, 2010)
– Maryland 4-H Center, College Park, February 9, 2010 (Snow
Date February 23, 2010)
– Carroll County Ag Center, Westminster, February 13, 2010
(Snow Date Sunday, February 28, 2010)
(Choose one of the three locations)
Helping You
Jazz Up
Your 4-H Resume
• An accumulation of what you have done
throughout your 4-H career
• Start with most recent and go to the oldest
• Judging based on Leadership, Citizenship &
Life Skills
• Must be typed
• Use bulleting, not paragraphs
• Make no more than three pages
• Single Spaced
• Margins no less than 1 inch
• Font Size no less than 12 point
The General Format
• Personal Information
• Objective
• Skills and Accomplishments
– Citizenship
– Leadership
– Life Skills
• Education (Optional)
• Employment (Optional)
• Additional Personal Information
A Little More Details
• Personal Information
Complete Name
Phone & E-mail
County and Club (Optional)
• Objective
– To present my skills and accomplishments that I have
acquired in 4-H so that I may be considered for a
Maryland 4-H out-of-state trip.
– To present my credentials in a way to support my
skills and accomplishments acquired through 4-H
membership for consideration for a Maryland 4-H outof-state trip
The Focus-Leadership
• Leadership-indicate significant leadership
roles and impacts
• Samples:
– Representative of X County as a member of
the Maryland State Teen Council (2006-2007)
– Served as President of the Country Clovers 4H club (2004-2006)
– Instructed new 4-Her on how to do a
demonstration (2006-2008)
The Focus-Citizenship
• Citizenship-indicate significant citizenship
efforts and impacts
• Samples:
– Shared crafts and games with residents of X
nursing home (2003-2007)
– Participated in X river cleanup on Earth Day
– Served food on a monthly basis at the Helping
Hands soup kitchen (2005-2007)
The Focus-Life Skills
• Life Skills-focus on knowledge and skills gained through
4-H involvement
• Do not just list accomplishments and awards, we want to
see life skills reached
• 4-Her can incorporate accomplishments in with life skills
• Samples:
– Learned communications through participating with judging oral
reasons and doing demonstrations at the club, county and state
level. With my skills, I was able to earn a champion on the State
level in 2006.
– Learned personal responsibility by raising and caring for my
animal projects. With my skills, I earned a champion rate of gain
award for my hog in 2006.
– Learned time management by deciding which project to carry
and what activities I would be able to attend in my busy
More on Life Skills
• Managing-Keeping records, wise use of resources,
• Thinking-Problem solving, critical thinking, decision
making, learning to learn
• Living-Disease prevention, personal safety
• Being-Self responsibility, self discipline, character
• Working-Teamwork, self motivation, contribution to
group effort
• Giving-Community service, leadership
• Caring-Sharing, empathy, concern for others
• Relating-Communication, cooperation, social skills,
accepting differences
A Little More Details
• Education (Optional)
X High School, Expected graduation, June, 2009
Maintain a 3.9 GPA and am a Honor Roll Member
Member of National Honors Society, 2006-2007
Junior Class President, 2007
JV Lacrosse Team, 2006-2007
Member of the High School Marching Band and Performing Orchestra
• Employment (Optional)
– Summer Lifeguard X Community Pool, 2006
– Work Part-time on Family Farm, 2000-Present
• Additional Personal Information
Family: Son of Dick and Jane; one brother Jack
Church: Member of the X Church, Youth Group Member
Affiliations: Member of the American and Maryland Angus Association
Hobbies: I enjoy dancing, horseback riding, and playing trivia games
Some Outstanding
Resume Samples
University of Maryland Extension programs are open to all citizens without regard to race, color, gender, disability, religion, age,
sexual orientation, marital or parental status, or national origin.

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