Please click on each slide to advance • Provide residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. • People who previously.

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• Provide residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities and
their families.
• People who previously lived in state institutions, rest homes and nursing facilities
have a place they can call home.
• Families who can no longer care for their loved ones at home find comfort in the
services and support provided in the Arc homes.
• Through training and support from Arc staff, many people learn the skills
necessary to become more independent.
Big Brothers Big Sisters
• Match at-risk children (ages 6-14) from single parent homes with a
caring adult mentor.
• “Bigs” and “Littles” spend time together forming friendships.
• The children are more likely to improve in school and in their
relationships with family and friends, and less likely to skip school
or use illegal drugs or alcohol.
55% are more likely to be enrolled in college than those without a mentor.
78% are more likely to volunteer in their communities.
81% are more likely to participate in sports and extracurricular activities.
90% who have a mentor are interesting in becoming a mentor.
130% more than twice as likely to hold a leadership position in a club or sports
*Research done by
Mission: Clothes to Kids of Haywood
County, Inc. exists to provide new and
quality used clothing to low-income or
in-crisis school age children in Haywood
County, free of charge.
Mission: is to glorify God through the provision of medical care, including spiritual and
social support, to underserved adults in Haywood County.
The Good Samaritan Clinic has been an integral part of the
health delivery system in Haywood County since 1999. The
clinic provides primary medical care and mental health
services to uninsured adults and adults with Medicaid. To
qualify patients must be between the ages of 18-64, below
the Federal Poverty Level, and residents of Haywood County.
Haywood County Meals on Wheels
Haywood County Meals on Wheels program provides
a nutritious lunchtime meal to qualified individuals
once per day, five days per week. Not only do they
provide nutrition but also personal contact with
recipients who may not otherwise have any contact
with outside individuals. It provides assurance for
family members who are unable to be with their
loved ones on a daily basis.
Haywood County Rescue Squad
The Haywood County Rescue Squad, in service since
1958, is the county’s only Heavy Rescue Provider,
certified through the North Carolina Office of Rescue
and EMS.
Haywood Christian Ministry
Purpose: is to provide care in the
name of Christ to persons in crisis. To
be a clearing house for outreach
concerns that are shared by the
Christian Churches of Haywood
County; and to offer spiritual and
material assistance to the extent that
resources are available through the
cooperating churches and volunteers.
• The 4-H program is the youth education program of North Carolina Cooperative
Extension, based at North Carolina State and North Carolina A&T State universities.
More than 218,000 young people between the ages of 5 and 19 participate in North
Carolina 4-H activities each year with the help of 21,400 adult and youth volunteers.
• 4-H is a community of young people across America who are developing leadership,
citizenship, public speaking, decision-making, and life skills. 4-H is about having fun,
learning, exploring and discovering. In 4-H, young people make new friends, develop
new skills, become leaders and help shape their communities.
• There are five 4-H clubs in Haywood County, numerous special interest programs,
school enrichment programs, day camps, and opportunities for youth to learn while
The Haywood Christian Emergency Shelter is a nonprofit, Christian
based shelter and was started when area churches of all
denominations, nonprofits, and charities in Haywood County came
together to provide a place where the homeless could not only have a
warm place to sleep on a cold winters night, but to also give them the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. The shelter also provides avenues for them to
overcome their situation and overcome their adversity through various
programs provided by Mountain Projects and DSS among others.
KARE: Kids Advocacy Resource Effort
Mission: to end child abuse and neglect through
advocacy, education and support.
KARE is dedicated to preventing child abuse and advocating for
children who have been physically or sexually abused. KARE is a
nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center.
Primary job is to advocate for victims, but they
also believe that proper education will lead to
abuse prevention. Annually, KARE serves
approximately 200 children through the victim
advocacy program. We also serve
approximately 60 families through the parents
as teachers program, and 30 families through
the positive parenting program. Additionally,
with the help of volunteers, they reach every
elementary school student in Haywood County
through the School Safety Program
by teaching students about personal safety.
Mission: is to involve, educate and
unite people in the work of ending
hunger in Western North Carolina.
Vision: is a hunger-free WNC.
MANNA collects, stores, warehouses, and distributes food to MANNA accredited nonprofits
throughout 16 counties in Western North Carolina. MANNA provides direct service on a very
limited basis to those struggling with hunger through the MANNA Packs for Kids Program and Food
Stamp Outreach.
The MANNA Packs for Kids program provides emergency food assistance to public school
students. MANNA works closely with school employees to identify at-risk student populations.
FNS Outreach. For many individuals and families throughout Western North Carolina, every dollar
counts. Food and Nutrition Services (Food Stamps) is an important resource helping to put food
on the table. FNS is an assistance program that allows people with little or no income to buy
nutritious food. It can help a family survive a crisis of employment, poor health, or other hardships
that can trigger a downward spiral into poverty. The program also helps strengthen the local
economy and boost jobs in the farm and retail sectors and beyond. It is estimated that each $5
of FNS benefits can generate up to $9 in economic activity.
Maple Leaf Adult Respite
Provides adult day care and day health services
which allow persons with disabilities to continue
to reside in their homes while receiving essential
support services during the day when care givers
may not be available to assist them.
Mountain Mediation Services
• Mediation is an intervention between conflicting
parties to promote reconciliation, settlement or
• Mountain Mediation Services provides a voluntary
alternative to court to the residents of the seven
western-most counties of North Carolina. Mediation is
used to resolve disputes through discussion in an
attempt to reach an agreement which both parties
feel is fair.
• Circles of Hope of Haywood County is part of the National Circles
Campaign operating in 23 states and 62 communities. We are committed
to helping families get completely out of poverty and then building new
systems of support that will help thousands to achieve economic stability.
• A Circles initiative consists of families working to get out of poverty and
several middle and upper income Allies who befriend them and lend
support. The family is the circle leader, setting direction for activities.
With the help of their allies, each family sets and achieves goals unique to
their own needs.
Congregate Nutrition Program
The Congregate Nutrition Program is available in
three locations in Haywood County. This program
provides a nutritionally balanced meal, crafts, health
promotion, seminars, field trips, bingo, and a time
to socialize. The Congregate Nutrition Program is
available free of charge to anyone age 60 or over.
Anyone 55 or older is welcome to participate, for a
nominal fee.
Foster Grandparent Program
Foster Grandparents are individuals age 60 and over
who thrive on direct interaction with children and
believe they can make a difference in their
lives. They serve as a mentor, tutor, and loving
caregiver to children and youth with special
needs. Foster Grandparents help children develop
the skills, confidence, and strength to succeed in
Senior Companions Program
Senior Companions are healthy older adults that help other
adults that need extra assistance to live independently in
their own homes or communities. They serve frail older
adults, adults with disabilities, those with terminal illnesses,
and offer respite for caregivers. Senior Companions touch
the lives of adults by assisting with grocery shopping, daily
tasks, and providing companionship to those in
need. Without Senior Companions, many older adults would
not be able to maintain their independence.
Haywood Volunteer Center
Services that are provided include:
Recruitment and referral — we sit down with a volunteer to find out what they are
interested in and match them with an organization. There are over 60 organizations in the
community so we can almost always find something that interests everyone.
Recognition– we coordinate with the state to recognize the contributions of volunteers
through an annual event and participation in the NC Volunteer Awards.
Community Education– We provide speakers for presentations on volunteerism to
organizations, churches, business and schools.
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)– RSVP invites seniors to share their talents and
knowledge in the community. One of the benefits to this over 55 program is participants
receive supplemental accident and liability insurance while volunteering.
Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)– is a North Carolina Insurance
Commission program that is run through the Volunteer Center. The program assists
Haywood County seniors to better understand Medicare, Medicare supplements, Medicare
Advantage and Medicare prescription plans.
Safe at Home Program
As its name implies this program makes available
small repairs or improvements to the homes of
Haywood County senior citizens. Making their
home accessible to a senior in need of a ramp is one
of the most needed repairs provided by the
program. Other services offered include minor floor
repairs, installation of handrails, small appliance
replacements, to name but a few.
OnTrack Financial Services
• Help people achieve their money and housing goals through
financial education, counseling, and support so that they can
overcome crises, afford their basic needs, improve their moneymanagement skills, and make financial choices rooted in their
• Help people manage their money and credit better through
education programs, individual counseling appointments, and
debt management programs.
REACH of Haywood County, Inc. serves survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault
through advocacy, community outreach and prevention education to empower individuals
to live a self-sufficient life free of violence.
REACH services:
• 24-hour crisis helpline
• Emergency Shelter
• Legal Advocacy
• Survivor Support
• Counseling & Support Groups
• Housing Assistance
• Elder Abuse Program
The Community Kitchen is a
Christian, grassroots, non-profit
organization that provides
nutritious meals for those in need
in Haywood County.
They serve the elderly, disabled,
working poor, the homeless,
unemployed, families and single
parents with children and those
who need a meal and a safe place
for friendship.
The Salvation Army administers many
programs and services designed to
restore broken lives, to build healthy
relationships, and to develop and
encourage people of all ages.
The Salvation Army is more than just
the bell-ringers that you see at
Christmas and more than the family
stores that you see around town.
We also offer programs such as:
• character building programs for
• music training
• community-building and fellowship
for adults
• housing assistance

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