nexPet retail co-op

1. Vendor Rebates & Discounts
always cover
Worth Thousands of $
2. Custom Marketing Programs
Just Edit and Add Your Name
3. Staff Training Programs
Teaches Staff to Sell Products
4. Store Management Aids
In-store Consumer Financing
5. Our Own Protected Brands
Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals
FIVE BIG Reasons to Join with Us!
Vendor Rebates &
Discounts $$$$
 30 Vendors (Distribution) with
additional 2% Rebate for NexPet
Members – the list keeps growing
 40+ additional Direct Vendor
Discounts up to 20% – plus deals
on Livestock, Crickets, Pet Tag
Machines, P.O.S. and much more
 Plus Seasonal Vendor Specials
from Specialty Brands
 And 1% Rebate on our own
NexPet Protected Label Brands
All Vendor Rebates are additional to your existing
vendor and distributor deals – NexPet collects
and computes the sales data for you and then we
send you a check . . . It is that Easy!
Members earn
back their Dues
many times over
Custom Marketing
Programs – So Easy!
Just Edit and Add your Store Name
 Over 100 Care Sheets ready to
customize, print and hand out
 Our Top 107 Retail Promotions is a
tested and proven library of guerilla
marketing ideas/tactics
 “Locally Owned by Caring Experts”
signage & ID campaign
 23 Page Aquarium Guide that
teaches consumers the basics
All those consumer flyers, forms, signs and handouts
that you could do and would do if you had the time – so
leave the driving to us – our work is professional and . .
. . It Works!
Marketing Muscle
Internet Marketing Center
Helping Members use Internet
Marketing to improve Sales/Profits
 Facebook Assist: Training to create and
manage an effective pet store Facebook page
 Email Campaigns: Create & send email
newsletters for individual members using
NexPet content & coupons
 The Coupon Bank: pre-designed online
customizable flyer coupons for store
Facebook pages, email blasts, website
specials sections, self-created flyers,
signage, any uses at all
 Keyword Management/Google Adwords:
service to ensure member result appears on
top for searches for specific products and
pets; keyword recommendations
 Petwebdesigner: discounts on website
creation & hosting especially for pet stores
All on the
Dashboard at
all Online
Staff Education &
Training – Self Taught
Compare to Pet Store Pro
 FlexQuiz Employee Training
Modules cover all products as
well as staff selling skills
 Modules contain quizzes and
answers – staff studies both
for convenient self teaching
 Very effective and unique to
the pet industry – a signature
NexPet membership benefit
 Our Dog & Cat Nutrition
handbook is our latest launch
Quality staff training programs are a godsend In
this era of employee indifference and turnover.
Wait till you see our modules – they are the best!
Pet Franchises
charge a fortune
for Training
Store Management Aids
& Tools
Membership Leverage
 In-store signage promoting
livestock sales—new in 2012
Two consumer financing plans for
high ticket purchases; Group Credit
Card and Insurance savings
 Customizable 23 page Employee
Store Handbook plus other HR
approved forms
 Convenient Forms for sales
tracking, hiring & evaluating staff,
and department duty lists
The hallmark of any retail co-op is to explore and
secure group savings on business necessities via
pooled economies and shared efficiencies!
Power in numbers
and privileges of
Adult 4
Cat/Kitten 4
Our Own NexPet
Protected Brand
3 SKU’s
 The only brand owned by
independent pet retailers—
customers love this!
2 SKU’s
Protected control brand that will
ensure store exclusivity and
protect gross margin
 NexPet cuts out the big
company markups and marketing
fees and leaves the brand building
to you
 Highest quality ingredients, toprated producer and nutritionist
known and trusted by retailers
4 SKU’s
Grain Free
3 SKU’s
Become a Country Naturals Dealer
and WE will Train Your Staff
Workbooks & Online

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