Primo v.3 Highlights June 2010 What’s new in v. 3? • Renewed user interface • Changes to how resources are delivered to the user • New.

Primo v.3 Highlights
June 2010
What’s new in v. 3?
• Renewed user interface
• Changes to how resources are delivered to the
• New searching and sorting features
• New administrative features
Stream-lined search box
& sign-in area
Top left
Slimmer banner
Top right
/e-shelf moved to top right
Banner space for communication
Changes to brief results
Slimmer search box means results
immediately visible
Refine my results area
(facets) more
Resource icon
combined with cover
image to reduce visual
Number, sort options & top facets
moved to centre above the results
Fewer pop-up windows
When you click on an option in the
brief results, the information opens
within the results screen rather
than taking you to a new window
Online links and physical locations
available from the brief display
If something is both online and in
print, users can see tabs for view
online, for requesting
(holds/recalls) and for locations
If there are multiple URLs in the
catalogue record, all URLs will
display to the user
OPAC via Primo (OvP): seamless
interface experience
Users can click on the request tab
on the brief display to see the
request options (based on our
TRELLIS configurations)
Holds and recalls are placed within
the Primo screen; any other
requests are done through a
TRELLIS screen
Item level information &
On the locations tab users can see the
location & availability or can view the
holdings statement and see each item
by expanding the location.
When signed in the user will see
request options relevant to their
account and to the item.
E-shelf, queries & my account
Tabbed display to better separate
the three areas related to the user
New searching & sorting
• Sorting
– Alphabetic sort of search results by author or title
– Can add a date ascending sort (earliest date)
• Left-anchored search on title
– Caveat: with version 3.0 this is a search on the
MARC 245 tag only (main title)
• Improved did u mean suggestions
Administration features
• Can define back office user roles
• Export/import of user contributed data (e.g.
• Report features to audit back office use
• Upgrade on staging (test) server: July 5th
• Upgrade on production?: aiming for Fall
• How can your departments help?
– Testing!
– Training!
Thank you!
If you think of any questions later, please use
the feedback form or send an e-mail:
[email protected]
It would be helpful if you put “primo v3
question” in the subject line.

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