Vedic Lifestyle Program HOW IT WORKS First Consultation • Come and Relax with some Herbal Tea and discuss your Medical History and Background •

Vedic Lifestyle Program
First Consultation
• Come and Relax with some Herbal Tea and discuss your
Medical History and Background
• Mental Assessment, Constitutional Analysis and Physical
(Disease) Examination will be conducted, via questioning,
Tongue Diagnosis, Pulse and Digestion Diagnosis
• Find out what Ayurveda is and how it works for YOU
Find our HOW You’re Unique
• You’ve probably wondered “WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME”
• Your will learn WHY and HOW it does, and also your unique
Biological Makeup, Disease Tendency and also Psychological
Profile according to Yoga and Ayurveda – and How to
overcome these issues!
What do I get?
• Your “Vedic Lifestyle Toolbox” will include information on Diet,
Lifestyle, Cooking, Yoga, Meditations, Mantras, Cooking Tips,
Acupressure Tips, Mental Exercises and more!!!
• Access to Online Audio Files for chanting other mantras for
healing and the mind and Recipes are also provided.
• Detoxification and Ayurvedic Therapies and also Specific Diets and
Herbal Formulas / Preparations and their usage (if required)
In Full, you will receive:
Your Personalised Ayurvedic Folder
Information about Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Cooking Tips and Anti-doting Foods
Mantra Flash-Cards for Mental Healing, with easy chanting and pronunciation
Access to Online Audio Tools for Pronunciation and Chants
Personalised Meditation Information
Personalised Diet & Herbal Plan for Easy-reference
Personalised Lifestyle Plan
Specific Yoga Plan, including your Mantras, Mudras (Hand symbols), Asanas (Yoga
postures), Pranayamas (Breathing techniques) for you
Special Yoga Techniques for Letting go of issues
Aroma, Colour and Gemstone Therapies that suit YOU
Pressure-point (Marma) therapies
Mental Constitution (Psychological Profile) and Guidelines
Positive Quotes based on Vedic Teachings you can refer to on a daily basis
Self-assessment questionnaires for daily analysis
Special Ayurvedic recipes for Health
Information on any Herbal remedies and Formulas recommended to you
Astrological Chart and Profile
What do I do next?
• The Next Consultation will give you STRUCTURE, and help you
get familiar with the Tools in your Toolbox and USING THEM.
On-going support and Counselling will help you to ORGANISE
and USE these tools.
• In follow-up sessions, focus will also be put on Health and
Mental analysis, to see how you’re progressing, and further
Herbal, Dietary, Lifestyle and Yoga advice is added as needed
Follow up Consultations include:
• Full discussion about your mental healing and analysis
• Full discussion about your physical health, any issues and
relevant advice
• Pulse, Eye, Tongue and Digestion examination
• Lifestyle Counselling and Advice
• Full encouragement and further Plans for Self-development
• Full support in any changes, obstacles etc. you are facing and
how to overcome them
• Further Yoga techniques, Diet, Lifestyle and Herbal advice
You’ll never be alone!
• Whenever you feel unsure of something and it’s not in your
Toolbox or Website – or having a tough day – Just Phone, and
you will receive ADVICE & GUIDANCE on what to do –
whether it be health concerns, your mind, questions about
Yoga or meditation practices – or even Business / Job woes!
Contact us today to get started!
Ph. +64 3 359 6015
Email: [email protected]
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