Gylton Da Matta Ph.D

Clinic Dates and Format:
International Volleyball
Coaches Certification
Dr. Gylton Da Matta
In partnership with the
Brazilian, Argentine, Canadian
and Greek Volleyball
5 hours: Down load reading materials
and homework
5 hours practicum: Qdoba Events
Dates Feb 7th, 14th & 21th
Certificate Provided
Location: Qdoba Events Center
Feb 7th: Coaching Foundations and
Coaching Volleyball Philosophy
Clinic Structure:
Round tables, sharing, drills,
opinions and facts about coaching
volleyball towards expertise & elite
Featuring: Brazilian Training Videos,
endorsed by FIVB.
Clinic Emphasis:
What is coaching; Improving
technique, game understanding,
progressions to success, acquiring
advanced skills and improving game
performance, long-term training,
increase motivation and injury
8:10 pm Check-in / Introduction
8:30 pm – Coaching foundations:
Applied science in volleyball – Dr. Da
9:00 – Coaching philosophy – Why do
we coach? And How?
9:30 Closure
Feb 14th’s : Players development.
8 – 9:30 FIVB Key to Success - Video
FIVB Coaches Manual Chapters
Feb 21st : Tactical & Mental
Development to Success – Closure
Why participate in Dr. Da Matta’s
Coaches’ Certification?
Volleyball is changing! So, you should
acquire the cutting edge coaching and
philosophy. In order to teach better and
provide better coaching to our youth and
athletes, we volleyball coaches must sit
down and share our expertise.
USA and Brazil represent the two most
powerful volleyball programs in the world, and
yet, what do we know about them?
How is the expertise development in the U.S. as
compared to Brazil?
How would be a coaching style combining both
the Brazilian and American strengths?
Athletes are students of the game:
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced
player, you will learn the skills necessary to
better your volleyball career.
Coaching matters!
As a coach I feel that attending more than 27
clinics has made a major difference in my
teaching, coaching and even playing
expertise. During this clinic I will show the
videos of the men’s and women’s Olympic
teams of Brazil in preparation for the Athens
and Beijing Summer Olympics.
Gylton B. Da Matta Ph.D
Registration Fee: $ 100 p/ person
Early registration: $ 85 p/ person if
mailed by Feb 2nd.
How to register:
Participants must send their
registration form and fee to Dr. Da
Matta – Clinician at 218 Smokey
Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525.
Please make all checks paid to
Dr. Gylton Da Matta _ Volleyball Clinics
& Camps ; DWS Inc.
A full refund less a $40.00 clerical fee will be
refunded without question up to 24hrs before
clinic start date.
Parents, players and coaches from all levels
can register.
Physical Education teachers of elementary
and middle schools pay only 50% of the
registration fee.
Registration Form
Education or Grade:
Phone Number(s):
Age (during the clinic):
Adult shirt size (circle) S M L XL
Parent name:
Parent email (for confirmation):
Day phone:
Competition level (circle): Beginner Jr.High
HS JV HS Varsity Other:
2013 Club Name:
Position(s) you play:
Years playing that position:
Coaching experience:
In case of Emergency during this clinic (each
camper is required to have Medical Insurance):
Players Name:
Medical Ins. Carrier:
Policy Number:
In consideration of the acceptance of this application for the International Volleyball Coaches
Certification by Dr. Da Matta , I, the undersigned waive and release any and all rights and
claims for damages which I might have against IVCC, Qdoba Events Center and Dr. Da Matta
himself, staff members, volunteers or their representatives and/or assignees, for any and all
damages which may be sustained or suffered by my participation related or in conjunction
with this clinic and all activities associated with the clinic. I understand volleyball is a sport and
as such there is a possibility of injury, accidents or death. I hereby certify that I am physically
fit to participate in this athletic clinic, and all it’s activities. I hereby authorize the instructor,
Director and/or staff coaches to act according to their best judgment in any emergency
requiring medical attention, and I, the undersigned accept full responsibility for the cost of all
medical treatment to my child as a result of injuries.
Parent’s Signature (if minor):
Participants signature:
Gylton Da Matta Ph.D.
Dr. Gylton Da Matta is the Master Instructor for the coaches
development program for the Mini-Volleyball programs in
Argentina, Greece, Portugal and Brazil. He has recently
assumed the role of researcher consultant and instructor
for the Coaching Excellence Program for the Gold Medalist
Brazilian Federation, in charge to develop instructors that
will prepare coaches for the new Olympic Program in Brazil.
Currently consulting for the Danish Volleyball Federation,
Finland Pro teams, Canadian Colleges, Argentine, Greek,
Portuguese and the Brazilian Volleyball Federation, Dr. Da
Matta is committed to promote online coaches education
programs and volleyball across school’s curriculum. Since
1986 he has coached volleyball at all levels. In 2005 he
coached the USAVb women’s volleyball National
Championship team at the Open Division. He has presented
at dozens of volleyball clinics, camps, and workshops nation
wide and internationally as well. Former Head Volleyball
Coach for Newberry College and Appalachian State
University, Dr. Da Matta is a three-time Brazilian National
Champion as a setter and team captain of the U20 national
team of Brazil, whose coaching skills led several volleyball
players to become world champions. Coach (Doc) Da Matta
is involved in volleyball research both on and off court
aspects of athletes’ preparation. His studies approach
recent methods of teaching basic and advanced skills across
all domains. A level IV licensed international volleyball
Coach (FIVB/CBV, 1990-1994 & 2004 Ph.D in Volleyball
Expertise), he was the Head Director and founder of South
Carolina Juniors, Xcel Volleyball and now FORT COLLINS
VOLLEYBALL in Colorado.
Dr. Da Matta is a Dartfish Advanced Certified Technologist
and Instructor as well.

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