Compliment Hello Kevin and Rain, We tested the tools in our factory this week, and I want to give you my personnal congratulations.

Hello Kevin and Rain,
We tested the tools in our factory this week, and I want to give you my
personnal congratulations for yours and your team good effort on
projects HPM3-23.4&HPM3-23.5.
The production was very pleased with these tools.
Best Regards,
J. Miguel Correia
Dear Lisa J. Krupp,
You found a good address. We make all sorts of moulds, for the automobile,
the cosmetic and the other sectors.
Happy mold is a good mold maker, serious which respects its delivery times,
and quality, of course.
You will see, it's a pleasure to work with them.
Hope you will confirm it soon .
Best regards,
From France,
Jérôme Matignon
Dear Sir,
With Pleasure I answer your question about Happy Mold. Recently we got from
Happy mold one mold obtain two piece simultaneously made by Noryl with GF
( GE Plastics) that mould is rather complicated because using interchangebale
dowels we can obtain eight different device from the same mould. Some of them
have brass inserts too. We are very well satisfied of the new supplier, they are
very qualified experts, very quick and well organized to show weekly the
progression of the work using a giant diagram. The dimension of the the mould
are 650 x 500 x 411mm.
Acutally they are studying to offer us a new mould for the same device, but having
four cavityies, to get four pieces simutaneously. I hope to have been helpful to
you. If you need more information, please ask freely to me again.
Best regards!
Alberto Borroni
Rain, Jack
I spent the last 1 1/2 days down at our local shop tearing down and cleaning the 2 molds that you
built for me. I have to say “job well done”. My customer came in to look at the moulds when I had
them torn down, and they could not believe how nice of a job that you did. My only hope now is
that they shoot as good of a part as you sent over here. If that happens, my customer and myself
will be very happy, and I am sure that they will order more moulds in the future.
Once again, thank you for the fine job. Keep up the good work. It has been a pleasure to work with
you, and I plan on working with you anytime that I get the chance. Hopefully I can start getting
more orders in, so we can continue this working relationship.
Job well done, make sure that you pass this on to your workers, because if it is like here, they do
not hear when things go well, only when things go wrong.
Thank you again. I look forward to meeting both of you when I get to China. (I have no Idea when
that will be, but I will be there)
Doug Leon

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