Full scale trial wit..

Full scale trail with
Nopcosperse ENA-2048 @
Stora Enso Skutskär
Nopcosperse ENA-2048
Facts about Skutskär
Fiber line 3 – birch line (HW)
Dosage of ENA-2048
• Acetone extract
• Tall oil production
• Betulin
• Conclusions
Nopcosperse ENA-2048
New digester additive for deresination of hardwood
Nopcosperse ENA-2048 is highly effective synthetic
digester additive that has been developed to replace rosin
soap and tall oil in hardwood pulp production. ENA-2048
combines several mechanism to improve deresination:
1) It improves penetration of cooking liquor into the chips
2) It helps to disperse and solubilize extractives to increase
their saponification
3) It stabilizes micelles in cooking liquor
4) It prevents adsorption of micelles onto the fibres during
black liquor displacement and washing
New approach – increased tall oil
• One existing customer – SE Enocell
• Produces viscose and has high demand of
clean pulp. Has used the product for app. 3
• Several short full scale trials have
proven the functionallity but it has
been tough to get regular business
• New excel calculation based on
theoretical assumptions shows that
econimical benifts is huge due to
extra production of tall oil
Stora Enso Skutskär
• South of Gävle, 160 km
north of Stockholm
• Three fiber lines, two
SW lines and one HW
line with total annual
production of 540 000
ton pulp
Fiber line 3 – birch line (HW)
Continuous singel vessel digester
BSW – 1 filter and 3 presses
Bleaching sequence D0, EOP, D1, D2
Annual production 140 000 ton
Dosage of ENA-2048
• Lab and full scale trials have shown that 1 kg of
ENA-2048 is at least as effective as 10 kg of tall
oil / rosin soap
• Recommended dosage of ENA-2048 is 2,0-2,5
kg/ton pulp
• The product needs pre dilution with x 20 if
dosed to white liquor. No dilution if dosed to
black liquor
• SE Skutskär uses 40 kg of tall oil per ton pulp
and this was replaced with 2 kg ENA-2048
Dosage point of ENA-2048
To black liquor stream mixed with white liquor to
C2 circulation
Results – aceton extractives
• First trial 3rd to 11th of March
• Second trial 24th of March to 3rd of May
• SE Skutskärs limit for acetone extract is 0,2 %
Results – tall oil production
January 1638 ton
February 1451 ton
March 1832 ton
April 2062 ton
Betulin – problematic birch resin
• In production of birch pulp you
always have more or less betulin
present depending on debarking
• Betulin easily creates deposits and
is very troublesome to get rid off with
conventional dispersing agents
• During reference period before trial
betulin content in final pulp was
roughly 120 mg/kg
• During trial betulin decreased to a
level of 60 mg/kg
• Potential is 280 ton ENA-2048 annualy
• 600 KEUR with GM 50%
• Net profit for customer according to
Nopco 2500 KEUR per year
• Net profit according to customer 900
KEUR per year
• May will be reference month but
responsible engineer will recommend
management to prolong the trial for at
least three months starting latest middle
of June

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