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Red Scare and Mobs
 What do you think mob mentality means? Why do you
believe this?
 NO HW tonight unless you owe me HW!
Unit Question
 How does the American dream factor into the movement of
people to and throughout the United States? Is the American
dream real? Why or why not?
Question of the Day
 How did nativism impact the Red Scare? Have there been
other instances like the Red Scare in our history?
Background: WWI
 World War I began in Europe in 1914.
 England, France, and Russia (Triple Entente) fought
Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire
(Central Powers)
 The United States does not get involved until 1917.
 The war ends in 1918.
Background: Russian Revolution
 During World War I, the people of Russia revolted against the
Czar (king).
 They implemented a new system of government called
 Communism is a form of government in which everything is
owned by the collective and where the government controls
all of the economy.
Red Scare
Red Scare notes
 Use the information on the back of your graphic organizer to
complete your graphic organizer.
Red Scare (first
 1917-1920
 More suspicion of
Communists and the fear
of Communists in US
 America: mistrust and
suspicion, especially of
foreigners, etc.
 Red = communist
(because of Soviet flag and
the red star)
Sacco and Vanzetti
 Italian immigrants
 Accused of armed robbery and murder
 They did not get a fair trial because of
racism and the red scare
 They were found guilty
 They were sentenced to death
Red Scare Political Cartoons
 Think about what you learned today and complete the
political cartoons sheet.
 Look inside the word,
what do you see?
 Prohibit!
 Prohibition prohibited
alcohol from being sold,
made, transported, etc.
18th Amendment
 Made all alcohol illegal for all people at all times
 Women had more power now, they also tended to be more
 2 reasons they wanted it:
 To protect wives and families
 They considered it a sin
What do you
think is going to
Al Capone Video
The Mafia
 Mafia- not much until 1920, then exploded because of the
introduction of the prohibition
 Al Capone ruled Chicago. He made millions getting alcohol
from Canada.
Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre
Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre
 Shooting of 7 people, a conflict between two
powerful criminal gangs in Chicago in 1929
 Two sides: South Side Italian gang led by Al
Capone and the North Side Irish/German gang
led by Bugs Moran
The Mob
 Boston more Irish mafia
activity, particularly in the
heavily Irish-American
 Frank Wallace of the Gustin
Gang dominated Boston’s
underworld until his death
in 1931, when he was
ambushed by Italian
gangsters in the North End
Immigration and the Mob
 How is immigration related to the mob?
Exit slip/HW
 Answer the following questions:
 1. What is the Red Scare?
 2. What were the main effects of the Red Scare?
 3. How did the Red Scare impact immigrants?
 4. How did Prohibition lead to the rise of mobs?
 5. How did the rise of mobs affect immigrants?
 6. Describe life in the early 1900s for immigrants. Include facts that
we talked about today.

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