Do Now 9/3/14
1. Please take out your HW, Binder p. 2 Question 1
2. We have been “close reading” pp.1-4 in our text. In
spiral notebooks, create this chart and begin to add
some things you think close readers do:
Things Close Readers Do:
1. Get the gist – figure out what the text is mostly about
2. Reread
3. Cite evidence
4. Use details to make inferences
5. Use context clues to figure out word meanings
6. Talk with others about the text
Agenda 9/3/14
Do Now & Agenda
Learning Targets
Ticket Out Feedback
Root & Affixes
Text Dependent Questions – Model & Whole
class practice
6. Quiz
7. HW – read/reread pp. 4-9; Text Dependent
Questions #3 & #4 – to hand in
Learning Targets
1. I can make inferences to deepen my
understanding of Inside Out & Back Again.
2. I can cite evidence from the novel to explain
how incidents reveal aspects of Ha’s character.
3. I can use context clues to figure out word
4. I can participate in discussions about the text
with a partner, small group, and the whole class.
M1 U1 L3 – Text Dependent Questions
How do the events in this poem connect to the first poem we
read, “1975:Year of the Cat,” and the title of the novel, Inside Out
& Back Again? (two parts to this question – did you answer
Model Answer:
The events in this poem connect to the first poem through the
words “foretells” and “predicts.”
This is apparent through the use of “foretells” in the first poem
(stanza 3), and “he predicts our lives will twist inside out” in the
second poem (stanza 1).
Secondly, the author uses the same phrase for the title of the
book and the title of this poem, therefore emphasizing “inside
M1 U1 L3 – Text Dependent Questions
The fortune teller foretells that their “lives will turn
inside out” (p.4, stanza 1). I infer that this means
that change will happen, probably negatively. Ha
says that their food “will be smeared in blood”
(stanza 4), which is a negative thought about the

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