Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

DOK as:
A Mindset
• Within
the Context of Student Learning
Objectives (SLOs)
All Licensed Educators; Variety of grade and content areas
Terminology Considerations
Content area/Grade level Tally and Grouping
Parking Lot
Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
DOK within the context of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
Intended Outcomes:
Participants will gain a basic understanding of DOK and its purpose as it applies to instructional practice,
particularly within the framework of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
Participants will have engaged in practice with rating academic goals with a DOK level
Participants will gain a basic understanding of the purpose, structure, and benefits of Student Learning
Objectives (SLOs)
Participants will grasp the process of writing a Statement of Intended Learning for their own content
area/grade level
 Overview
within the context of the Colorado
Academic Standards (CAS)
 Item
Examples and DOK
/ CMAS samples:
“increased rigor; deeper understanding”
High DOK in MC items is difficult but
possible. See Scientific Literacy Handout.
 Handout: Samples
of Goals for a Term
 Please
collaborate at your table/with
your group (if applicable) and determine
the DOK level of two goals (refer to DOK
handouts if necessary) ..and why
• Note: Consensus ideal but not required
 Share
out/Discussion of ratings
 Explanation
of this type of goal
(Statement of Intended Learning)
[5 min break?]
• SB 10-191; 50% Student Growth
• Pre-post concept; Assessment Collaboratives
• Aligned with the Teaching and Learning Cycle
• Provide flexibility and autonomy to their creators
Definition: Measurable instructional goals that are
based on the academic standards and established for a
specific group of students (usually a class) over a set
period of time (usually a term)
SLOs are NOT: a simple computation of pre-post
assessment score differences; results based on
only ONE measure or assessment instrument; an
“add-on” for teachers engaged in effective
teaching practices
2013-14 Pilot
 Striving
for Higher DOK levels should be a
mindset that applies to the
Teaching/Learning Cycle in general.
 The
DOK level of the Statement of Intended
Learning in your SLO should be matched by
the same level DOK for:
• Assessment (items; rubrics)
• Learning Targets (by default)
• Progress Monitoring (looking for evidence)
 Individually
or with colleagues, write a first
draft of a Statement of Intended Learning
while referring to the CO Academic
Standards. Keep in mind your intended level
of DOK.
 Following
this session: You can submit for
feedback but MUST include complete
Standards reference and content/grade
level information: [email protected]
We are developing PD for teachers in collaboration with Div. of Equity in
Learning and Div. of Human Resources
Linking QS 1-5 to QS 6
Linking Pacing Guides to Educator Effectiveness
Implementation planning
In-person trainings
SLO Bank
(our website)
(webinar on DOK)
(CDE Assessment Bank)

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