The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle
Another word for rain is precipitation.
Where does rain come from?
How does it get into the cloud?
We are going to listen to a story about a raindrop
called Drippy and his Water Cycle adventure.
Let’s see what this story tells us about water and
how it moves.
The water cycle is made up of a few
main parts:
Drippy the Raindrop will tell us of his water
cycle adventure.
Evaporation is when the sun
heats up water in rivers or
lakes or the ocean and
turns it into vapor or
steam. The water vapor or
steam leaves the river, lake
or ocean and goes into the
Hand Sanitiser Evaporation experiment
Does it make your hands wet?
Does if make your hands feel cold?
What happens when you wave your wet hands in the
The wind caused their hands to feel colder by causing
the sanitizer to evaporate more quickly.
Condensation is water
vapor in the air that
gets cold and changes
back into liquid,
forming clouds.
You can see this at
home when you take a
shower and the
windows and mirrors
in the bathroom fog up.
Drippy falls to earth as R_ _ _ .
Can you think of any other forms of water that
fall from the sky when the clouds get heavy?
Precipitation occurs
when so much water
has condensed that the
air cannot hold it
anymore. The clouds
get heavy and water
falls back to the earth
in the form of rain, hail,
sleet or snow.
Collection is when
water falls back to
earth as precipitation,
it may fall back in
the oceans, lakes or
rivers or it may end up
on land.
What do you think happened to
Where does Drippy go next in
the water cycle?
How does the water get back
into the sea?
Use the worksheet to draw pictures of
drippy going through the water cycle.
Draw the pictures in the correct order.
You must observe and record on your
checklist :
What happens to the inside of the plastic
Do you think the sun caused this to happen?
Story of Drippy the Raindrop
“Adventures to the Mountains”
Written and illustrated by Joel M. Kimball [Online] Available at:
Accessed: 20th April 2012

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