Home Care Surveys and Complaints (PowerPoint: 182K/7 pages)

Home Care
Surveys & Complaints
Class A
Federally Certified Agencies
 Acceptance of Patients, Plan of Care, Medication
 Plan of Care
 Drug Regimen Review
 Periodic Review of Plan of Care
 Supervision
 Assignment and Duties of Home Health Aide
Class A
State Licensed Agencies
 Home Health Aide Tasks
 Service Agreement
 Vulnerable Adult Act
Class B
TB Screening
Class B Provider
Class B Supervision
Class F
State Licensed
 Evaluation and Service Plans
 Supervisory Visits
 Medication Administration
 Central Storage of Meds
General Complaints
Safety Hazards
Nursing Care
Patient Rights
Medication Administration
Maltreatment Complaints
• Exploitation by Staff
• Neglect: Medications
• Neglect of Health Care
• Physical Abuse by Staff
• Neglect: Decubiti
• Neglect: Dehydration
• Sexual Abuse
• Neglect of Supervision

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