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Montana RQT Info/Q&A Session
U.S.S.F Youth Affiliates
U.S. Youth Soccer (USYS) Regions
USYS Regions
Players by Region
• I: 1+ million
• II: 629k
• III: 678k
• IV: 669k
• Total: 3.2+ million
Big & Small
5 Largest States
• California North – 171,267
• Massachusetts – 164,901*
• New Jersey – 148,354
• California South – 144,161
• Virginia – 142,260
5 Smallest States
• North Dakota – 7,280
• Hawaii – 5,904*
• Alaska – 5,389
• Wyoming – 4,888
• Montana – 4,840
• Note: 24 states have not
won a Nat’l Championship
Montana at FWR History
• Once every 5 years a Montana team advanced
to QF or SF (10 age groups = 1 in 50)
• Montana withdrew from FWR for 2 years
– Cost
– Results
• Returning now on a team-by-team basis
What’s different now?
• Previously there was only 1 state cup
– Winner had to go to FWR - even if they didn’t
want to – or face a massive fine.
• Now, 2 state cups
– 1 to go to FWR and Pres. Cup (RQT)
– 1 for teams who do not want to go to FWR and
Pres. Cup (MYSA State Cup)
• State Champion: ???
What Does it Take to Succeed at
FWR/Pres. Cup?
• Depth
– All 18 players need to have the following:
• Skill: Extremely technical
• Fast: Individually and speed of play
• Vision/Chemistry: Knowing what is going to
happen before it happens
• Adaptability: Major tactical adjustments on
the fly
General Info
RQT League played on Sundays
Top 4 in League play RQT Tournament
RQT Tournament is Mem. Day weekend
Winner goes to FWR in NM
2nd Place goes to Far West Pres. Cup in CA
3rd/4th play in MYSA State Cup
The RQT Process
MYSA League Options
• RQT League (Intended Top level)
• MYSA Select League (2nd level)
• Classic League (3rd level)
What Are We Committing to?
• Travel to:
– RQT League
– FWR/President’s Cup
– National Championships/President’s Cup
• Goal: Winning a USYS Nat’l Championship or
President’s Cup Nat’l Championship.
What Are We Really Committing To?
• 2-3x weekly practice
– Additional speed/agility work on own
– Additional technical work on own
• Additional coach and/or coaching fees
• 2 games every weekend April-mid June
– Including RQT and tourns, 25-30 game season
• Soccer as a long-term, year-round priority
• Financial Commitment
RQT Entry Fees
• $1,500 team fee ($800-850 covered by HYSA)
• Includes RQT League, RQT, Select League on non-RQT
League weekends, MYSA State Cup for all teams but RQT
• $2,500 bond to be returned upon successful
participation in RQT, RQT, and FWR/Pres. Cup
if you qualify
– Four-figure fine for qualifying and not going to
FWR/Pres. Cup.
What does $4,000 buy me?
• RQT League
• MYSA Select League (when not paying RQT
• MYSA State Cup for all but top 2
• $2,500 refund when complete (not sure if
deposited or not)
Personal Expenses
• About $80 additional in team fees.
• Travel Expenses
– Airfare
– Lodging
– Food
– Rental Cars
Ways to Deal with the Expenses
• Fundraising
• Chaperone parents
– Instead of the entire all parents traveling, the
entire team divides the expenses of the coaches
and a few parents to make the expenses more
– Each parent is responsible for a group of players
Will This Really Work?
• Yes, if:
The kids are having fun
They get along well with each other as a group
They enjoy learning for the sake of learning
They’re free and creative thinkers
Soccer is everyone’s top priority
Coaches and parents are fully invested
Kids and parents buy into coaching philosophy and
trust the coach to take the kids to the next level
– Parents offer positive support
In Short
• RQT really needs to be something that is a
common goal amongst the entire age group.
• Unlikely to work without the support of
parents, peers, neighbors, dogs, cats, coaches,
teachers, etc.
In short (cont’d)
• Players from all over the country dedicate
themselves completely for a chance to win a
state championship and represent their team
at Regionals.
• Unfair to all, including other players from
around the country, to have a group less
dedicated and committed getting their shot at
a regional championship.
Team Formation
• RQT Commitment will impact team formation
if the playing ability of ‘yes’ players allows for
a team to be formed that HYSA feels will be
able to compete at a high level within that age
• Saying ‘No’ does not automatically exclude
someone from a Premier team, but
understand that it may.
Team Formation (cont’d)
• Is there a priority in team formation: ability or
– No. HYSA Coaching Committee will look at all
factors and make appropriate decision.
– HYSA’s responsibility to look out for the best
interests of our member families.
Why Does HYSA Have a Say At All?
• It is HYSA’s responsibility to look out for the
best interest of our players and families.
• FWR and Pres. Cup are extremely high levels
of play.
• Very discouraging for individual families
looking for a higher level of play if the team
were to be significantly outplayed at a higherlevel tournament and may impact how
families participate in the future.
• If 12 of top 18 players say ‘yes’ and 6 say ‘no’ a
team will not do RQT.
• If 16 of top 18 players say ‘yes’ and 2 say ‘no’,
we’ll look at the ability of the next two highlyrated players and determine if the difference in
ability will significantly impact the team’s
potential to compete at a high level.
• If all top 18 say ‘yes’, now a team decision if they
do RQT or other regional-level tournaments.
Player Options
• Arsenal team (Helena only)
• RQT Arsenal team (Helena)
• RQT team from another town AND Arsenal
(Helena & out of town)
• Other RQT team (out of town)
• Other team (out of town)
• HYSA Recreational League (non-Arsenal)
Player Options (cont’d)
• Montana ODP
– Tryouts November 9-10 in Helena
• Montana United
• Rocky Mountain FC
– High school players allowed to try out next Sunday
after MHSA state tournament.
– Tryouts/training next weekend in Helena

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