Quarterman - Spill Control Association of America

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety
Spill Control Association of America
2014 Annual Meeting and Conference
March 20, 2014
Cynthia Quarterman
PHMSA Administrator
Anthony Foxx Secretary of Transportation
Victor Mendez Acting Deputy Secretary
PHMSA Leadership:
Cynthia Quarterman Administrator
Timothy Butters Deputy Administrator
Stephen Domotor Assistant Administrator/ Chief Safety Officer
Jeffrey Wiese
Associate Administrator for Pipeline Safety
Dr. Magdy El-Sibaie Associate Administrator for Hazmat Safety
Our Mission
To protect people and the environment from the risks of
hazardous materials transportation.
What We Do
Pipelines in the United States
Over 2.6 million miles of hazardous liquid and gas pipelines.
Pipeline Oil Spill Response Plans
• Implementing the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.
• Improving our plan approval process.
• Posting the plans publicly.
Hazmat Transportation in the United States
Over 1 million shipments of hazmat.
Our Stakeholders
Unconventional Oil and Gas
US Unconventional Energy Production
Changing Pipeline Industry
• Increased domestic production.
• Population expansion.
• New practices and technologies:
 Higher pressure gathering lines
 High density of wells
 Increasing pipeline diameters
Recent Hazardous Liquid Pipeline
•Marshall, MI
•Yellowstone River, MT
•Mayflower, AK
•Tioga, ND
Safety of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines
• Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM):
High Consequence Areas (HCAs)
Leak Detection
Repair Criteria
Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
Gathering Lines
Gravity Lines
Rail Crude Oil Transport
Increasing transportation
Declining rail accidents
Increasing use of unit trains
Rise in Crude Oil Shipments by Rail
Recent Bakken Crude Oil Derailments
•Plaster Rock, NB
•Casselton, ND
•Aliceville, AL
•Lac-Megantic, QE
Operation Safe Delivery
Comprehensive approach to address risks:
– Prevention
– Mitigation
– Response
Operation Safe Delivery: Rulemaking
• September 6, 2013: (ANPRM) issued.
• December 5, 2013: 150,000+ comments.
• March 2014: NPRM being drafted.
Operation Safe Delivery:
Nonregulatory Actions
August 2013:
August 2013:
August 2013:
August 2013:
November 2013:
January 2014:
February 2014:
FRA issued an emergency order.
PHMSA and FRA issued a safety advisory.
PHMSA and FRA held a Hazmat workshop.
Held emergency RSAC meeting.
PHMSA and FRA issued a safety advisory.
PHMSA issued a safety alert.
Secretary of Transportation issued an
Emergency Order.
Operation Safe Delivery: Enhanced
• Operation Classification
• Coordination with other Entities
• Notice of Proposed Violations (NOPV)
Call to Action
• In January 2014, Secretary Foxx issued a Call to Action.
• Met with petroleum and railroads industry.
• 30-day proposed changes focused on:
 Prevention
 Mitigation
 Response
• Identified immediate actions in February 2014.
• Continuously engaging with stakeholders.
Industry Actions
• Association of American Railroads:
Rail Inspection and Maintenance Improvements
HazMat Routing
Speed Restrictions
Braking Enhancements
Emergency Response Assessment and Training
• American Petroleum Institute:
 Development of Classification Best Practices
 Sharing Crude Oil Testing Data
Operation Safe Delivery: Next Steps
• Consider other regulatory actions.
• Continue to work with stakeholders.
• Continue Operation Classification.
• Enhance outreach efforts.
Stay Connected
 Website: www.phmsa.dot.gov
 YouTube:
 Twitter: @PHMSA_DOT
 Call 811 before you dig!

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