Student Services & Academic Support

Success at
Sixth Form
Success at
Sixth Form
Available to all students during
their time at QE
Learning Needs
Assessments – screening tests and individual assessments
Specialist Teaching for students with SpLD or a sensory impairment
Access Arrangements in examinations
Practical assistants
1:1 assistants
Specialist equipment, including laptop loans and dictaphones
Academic Coaching – for any student who would benefit from
generic support, e.g. time management, organisation, note-taking
skills, revision and exam technique
Medical Needs
Personal Emergency and Evacuation Plans (PEEP)
Individual risk assessments
Storage of medication
Specialist equipment & furniture
Liaison between college staff and external agencies, e.g. health
Collation of work during periods of student absence
Photocopying of notes & handouts
Liaison between subject staff, parents and students
Access arrangements in exams, these may include rest breaks,
extra time or a separate venue
Welfare &
• Signposting to external agencies
• Close liaison between health services, including CAMHS
• Discreet counselling; the college has 2 qualified counsellors
• Financial and housing advice
• The college has a number of staff who are trained to support
members of the college community with any safeguarding issues.
Student Services
deals with:
• Financial Support
• 16-19 Bursary Fund Scheme
• Which is made up of:
• Vulnerable Young People (VYP Support)
• Regular Payments
• Specific Costs Support
• Transport
• Attendance
• Student Executive
• Student Services Shop and lots more…
Financial Support
• The college receives funds to help individual students with their
course costs; the ’16-19 Bursary Fund Scheme’.
• The 16-19 Bursary Fund Scheme is split into 3 main parts:
• Vulnerable Young People support
• Regular Payments
• Specific Costs Support - including: Transport, trips, visits etc.
• All applications are means tested and require evidence of financial
• Subsidised transport may be available from your Local Authority
(LA) for the current academic year 2014-15. Both Leicester and
Leicestershire LAs will charge for student passes. More information
on travel can be found at
• Leicester City LA
• Standard Student pass: £215.00
• Home to college only Monday to Friday using Arriva or First.
• No concessions available.
• Leicestershire LA
• Standard Student pass: £252.00
• Home to college only Monday to Friday using Arriva or First
• No concessions other than direct debit monthly installments.
Attendance Issues
• Student attendance is recorded by Teacher on-line registers.
• Students can check their attendance on any in-college computer
• If a student feels that their registered record is incorrect, they
can come to Student Services to query their attendance
• Maintaining a good attendance record is important for all
students and not just those in receipt of financial support
• Absence from college:
• If a student is going to be absent from college and they know
about the absence in advance, they must complete a slip with
their personal tutor in advance
• If a student is ill they must phone the college voice mail, before
10.00am if possible, on Tel. (0116) 247 1147 Option 1 for each
day of absence
• If a student becomes ill during the college day they must sign
out at the General Office

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