Geological Map of Mali - Sahel Resources And Minerals

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About Mali
•Republic of Mali, Located in West Africa; Capital is Bamako
• Is a landlocked Country
• The various regions of Mali are:
Gao, Kayes, Kidal, Koulikoro, Mopti, Segou, Sikasso and Tombouctou
• 90% + Population is Muslim.
• Climate is hot and semi-arid, sub-tropical Sahel.
•Bordered by Algeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Niger,
Guinea and Senegal
•Population: 12 Million approx.
• Official Language is French, Local language Bambara
• Industry relaxed & liberated since 1991 with enforcement of European-type
and styled mining Codes.
• Established gold mining sector: 2nd largest gold producer in West Africa
(25% of West African production).
• GDP contribution: 6.8% of GDP in 2008, approximately US$596m.
• Potential growth in gold (17 companies engaged in exploration) as well as
iron ore, uranium, Gypsum, Limestone and bauxite.
•7 large Gold Mines operating, many others being studied for viability,
numerous small-scale Gold Mining Operations as well
•Other Mineral Exploitation taking place including Iron Ore
N 12°27’31”
W 8°31’00”
N 12°27’31”
W 8°09’17”
N 12°14’37”
W 8°09’17”
N 12°14’37”
W 8°23’50”
N 12°20’16”
W 8°23’50”
N 12°20’16”
W 8°37’52”
N 12°26’35”
W 8°37’52”
N 12°26’35”
W 8°31’00”
1. Physiographic and Topographical survey of the area.
2. Geological survey of the area.
3. Identification of potential exploitation zones.
4. Exploration through visual and trial dug pit and trenches.
5. Sample collection, testing and inference.
6. Quality and favorability of ores for steel making.
7. Geological computation of the ore reserves
8. Selection and validation of mining concept and methodology
and its financial viability.
9. Logistic survey.
About the Concession:
Location: The concession is located about 50 kms southwest of Bamako, the Capital City
Accessibility : Siby is the biggest town of the concession
and is connected to Bamako by tar Road on National
Highway to Guinea. Further, the Iron ore deposits within the
concession are approachable by mine roads.
Topography: Major area under the concession is of highly
undulated area with elevation ranging from 300 RL to about
680 RL.
Drainage: A general radial drainage system has been
noticed in the concession area. However, Baguefara is the
Main Drainage of this area and is draining into Niger river in
the East of this concession
The concession under study is about 65kms south of
The sharp contact between the Paleozoic and Proterozoic
formations are noticed within the concession area.
The area is bounded by NE – SW Sandstone ridges on NW
and SE part of the concession.
The area between the above ridges is covered by Paleozoic
formations of Ferruginous nature, Birmian formations with
granite / granodiorite and at places
ultrabasic igneous
intrusive bodies.
The Birmian formations are showing a NE – SW trend with
gentle dip towards SE.
 Five potential exploitation zones have been identified.
 These zones are as under:
1. Zone A: North of Djoulafonda Area.
2. Zone B: South-West of Dogoro Area.
3. Zone C: North-West of Seguele Area.
4. Zone D: East of Sananfara Area.
5. Zone E: North-East of Karamokola Area
Measured Geological Reserve in these five zone: 24.23 Million Tons
Area Cross-Sectional Method of Measurement is employed:
Qg = Cs * Li * Rf * Tf
Types of Deposits:
• Mostly high grade float ore occurrences of all sizes from pebble to big
boulders, size varies from 30mm to 800mm.
• Iron ore as conglomerates with laterite, size 100mm to 600mm.
•Insitu Beds in certain Potential Exploitation zones
• Iron ore Quality: Fe contents > 58% up to 66%. Other elements within
permissible limit & favorable for steel making.
 Open cast Mining envisaged, top slice Mining approach.
 Manual and Mechanized ore collections.
 Ore raised and transported using tippers to pre screener,
Crusher- screener production unit.
 Transportation to Dakar (load Port) by 18/22 Wheeler
trucks, capacity of trucks up to 51 tons.
 Shipment to Destination Markets through Containerized
shipments / Bulk Carriers.

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