Qualified Clinical Data Registries

Qualified Clinical Data Registries
• A new mechanism to report physician performance
• CMS will phase out claims-based reporting in favor of this registrybased mechanism over the next 5 years
• Moves responsibility for measure development, data collection and
reporting from CMS to the specialty society registry
• Will allow the society to select and develop its own measures
• NACOR is one of the first registries certified under this program
• 19 measures have been approved for the first year – we will have the
option of adding to or removing from this list in 2015
Anesthesia Measures in the QCDR
• 4 existing PQRS measures (antibiotic timing, central line sterile
placement, PACU normothermia, beta blockade for CABG patients)
• Also from PQRS:
Medication reconciliation (#130)
Smoking cessation screening (#226)
Acute pain management (#342)
Preoperative risk assessment (#358)
Anesthesia Measures in the QCDR (cont.)
• Post-op transfer of care protocol OR > PACU
• Post-op transfer of care protocol OR > ICU
• Prevention of PONV, adults
• Prevention of PONV, pediatrics
• OR/PACU cardiac arrest rate
• OR/PACU all-cause mortality
• Successful completion of planned procedure (composite anesthesia
Anesthesia Measures in the QCDR (cont.)
• PACU re-intubation rate
• PACU acute pain management success
• Composite procedural safety for central line placement
• Composite anesthesia patient satisfaction
How to Participate
• Practices/providers must self-nominate to CMS by July 1
• Practices must participate in NACOR
• Discount to $0 for ASA members; no charge for QCDR reporting in 2014
• $500 per year for non-members; additional charges for QCDR reporting may
• Practices must report NPI numbers to NACOR for eligible providers
• Practices must collect and report the necessary performance
measures through either billing data or QM data systems

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