May 14, 2010

6th Annual Engineering Conference
Procurement Rules & Regulation &
SBD Works
PPPD & Its Mandate
II. Progress
III. Clarification/Amendments till date
I. Mandate for PPPD:
Clause 8.2.2 of the PRR mandates the PPPD with the following
 Monitor the Implementation of PRR
 Provide Annual Reports to Secretary, MoF
 Propose Improvements on PRR & SBDS & related documents
 Be Focal Point for queries & decimate information for education.
 Conduct research, establish institutional linkage and strengthen
capacity to wards professionalizing the procurement function.
II. Progress:
 PRR and SBDs were Launched in 2009
SBDs for small value procurement is in progress
strengthening capacity. Measures underway are:
 ToT workshops conducted (PRR, SBD, CPC through ICBPP)
 CPC training conducted for five batches & scheduled for 6th & 7th
batches in September
 CIPS Level 4/Foundation Diploma to be introduced in October 2010.
II. Progress: contd.
Till date five amendments have been issued
Amendment 1
FM/DNP/PD-08/2009/4637 dated April 9,2009
Margin of Preference
Mobilization Advance 7% to 10%
Amendment 2
FM/DNP/PD-08/2009/715) dated Sept 7, 2009
 Clarification on Original & Copy of bid document
 What comprises an Original Bid – ITB 12 of SBD (Works) 2009:
1. Bid Form
2. Bid Security
3. Priced BoQ
4. Qualification Information & documents
5. Integrity Pact
6. Alternative offers where invited
7. Any other materials as specified in BDS
Amendment 3
FM/DNP/PD-08/2009/802) dated Sept 10, 2009
1. Inter Ministerial Tender Committee abolished
2. Higher Level Tender Committee for Autonomous Bodies
3. Threshold, Methods & Processes
Amendment 4
MoF/PPPD-08/2009/2010/111) dated April 1, 2010
1. DLP min of 6 months for works up to 2 Million (Class D)
2. Secured Advances for fabrication works off site permitted
3. Payment on termination-20% of the value of remaining works
but not exceeding 10% of Contract Price
4. Max annual Turnover used not average annual & Bid
Capacity factor increased from 1.5 to 2
5. Annual Turnover & Bid Capacity not required for works up to
Nu. 5 Million
6. Sample Evaluation Report changed to incorporate the above
Amendment 5
MoF/PPPD-08/2009/2010/212) dated June 10, 2010
 Revision of threshold for community contract
(Nu. 0.5 M to Nu. 1.5 Million)
 SBD(Works) 2009 not applicable to community contracts
III. Clarification:
* Written & verbal
* Problem Log (web based Info, reduce corrs,
feedback & amendment)
Frequently Asked Question on PRR & SBDs

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