Product analysis

GCSE Product Design Textiles
Lesson aims
• To learn why product analysis is important and develop skills in
how to carry out product analysis
By the end of the lesson you
can explain why product analysis is carried out by
designers and have developed skills in product
analysis using ACCESSFM
be able to carry out a detailed product analysis which
considers product care and construction techniques
Carry out a product analysis which includes
information which relates to manufacturing,
environmental and social issues.
W.I.L.F. – What I am Looking For
• Attention to the quality of your work
• All work completed by the end of the lesson
•Homework written in your planner
• A product analysis helps designers to examine
products in detail.
• Designers often buy products from competitors or buy
inspirational products.
• They examine and evaluate products as well as take
them apart (disassembly).
• Designers might also look at products from the past.
• Also time and research costs are reduced as another
company has already done this work.
Aesthetics: what does the product look like?
Cost: how much does the product cost to buy and make?
Customer: who would buy or use the product?
Environment: where would the product be used or stored?
Size: how big or small is the product?
Safety: how safe is it during normal use?
Function: how does the product work? How is it cared for?
Material: what is the product made from?
Open seam
Cost – This bag cost £18.
Customer-The target customer would be
female. It could appeal to many ages
starting from around age 15. the cost of
the bag is quite a lot so this may put
younger people off.
Designer label
Inside pocket
32cm Wide
40cm Long
Straps= 27cm
Strap detail
Safety- This bag is reasonable safe.
There are no sharp edges and no small
parts. The open seams are rough on the
edges but would not do any harm. The
bag should be kept away from small
children as the straps could wrap around
their necks.
Fabric Design
Function- this bag is
designed to carry only a
few items such as books,
diaries, pencil case of
purse. It is not big enough
to carry a lot of items as
Materials – This bag is made from the is no depth to the bag.
100% PVC Coated Cotton. Cotton is
strong fibre so it is ideal for this bag.
Aesthetics- This bag has a bright
floral pattern typical of the Cath
Kidston style. It has to long straps
allowing the bag to be carried over the
Care label
Environment- this bag is made from cotton
which has then been treated with PVC. Cotton can
be recycled however whether it can still be
recycled with the PVC treatment I am not sure.
It easy to clean though meaning no energy or
water wasted in the care of the product.
Include comments on the following to gain more marks
for your work
• Good/bad points
• Areas for improvement
• Industrial practice (e.g. how easily can it be
manufactured on a larger scale)
• Laws and regulations e.g. safety issues
• Moral issues (e.g. animal fur, offensive slogans/styles)
• Environmental impact (e.g. winners and losers, use of
recycled materials, packaging, fibre, dyes, lifecycle
• Social issues (e.g. cost, gender, brands, celebrity
influence, image product gives user)
• Cultural issues (e.g. traditional techniques/designs)
Product analysis

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