Using Qualifax to Search for, Find
and Store information on Courses &
What is Qualifax?
 Qualifax is a library of information on
courses, colleges and qualifications
 Every Higher and Further Education
course available in Ireland is listed on
 Qualifax is updated continuously so
the information on it is the most up to
date available
Where do I find Qualifax
 To use qualifax just type
www.qualifax.ie into your web
browser window (the space at the
top of the webpage) and press
 When the Qualifax Home Page
comes up you can choose what you
want to do by choosing from any of
the links on the page
What will I learn in this
In this tutorial you will learn how to
do two things;
 (a)
Set up your own personal
profile in Qualifax
 (b)
Use Qualifax to find courses
and colleges you might be
interested in and store this
information for further use
Setting up a Profile
 Click on Create New Profile
 Type in your chosen Login Name.
 Use your own name as one word with no capitals or
spaces e.g. pauldolan, maryoreilly
 If the computer tells you that this Login Name is already
being used then add in your middle initial e.g.
maryboreilly for Mary Brigid O’Reilly.
 If you don’t have a middle name then just add your year
of birth to the end of your name e.g. maryoreilly92
 For your Password use your Junior Cert No. plus your
initials e.g. for Mary O’Reilly 34125mor or for James
McDonald 34234jmcd
What do I do now?
 As soon as you have done this write
down your exact Login Name and your
Password on the sheet in the space
 Now you can fill in the rest of the details
asked for and then click on Create
 Now you have created your own personal
profile on Qualifax you can store
information about courses and colleges
etc., on it.
How can I make use of
 You can log on to Qualifax from any
computer anywhere and get into your
Profile by clicking on Open Saved
Profile and then typing in your User
Name (Login) and Password.
 Now its time to find out how to search
Qualifax for courses and other
information to store in your Profile.
Making the most of
 Whenever you log on to www.qualifax.ie
always click on Open Saved Profile.
 That ensures that any information you
find will be stored in your profile
 Now you can choose any one of the drop
down menus along the top of the page
 Start with Courses in Ireland
Searching for Courses in
 Concentrate on Higher Education CAO and
Post Leaving Cert Courses
 Click on Higher Education CAO
 Type in Keywords or Course Title
 Keep it general to begin with e.g. Construction,
Business etc.,
 Click on Qualification Type and choose
Higher Certificate (Level 6 NFQ) to begin
 Click on Search
Making a List: Tagging
 Look through the list of courses and click on
Tag if you want to add them to your selection
 Now click on Refine Search and in
Qualification Type select Degree – Ordinary
Batchelor (Level 7 NFQ) and repeat the
 Repeat the process with Degree – Honours
Batchelor (Level 8 NFQ)
Making a List: Tagging
 If the list of courses is too long click on
Refine Search and either choose a
Province or use a more specific title or
 If you want to check for courses in a
particular college click on Refine Search
and in Course Provider choose the
college you are interested in
Saving Your List for Future
 Click on Find Tagged Courses. You
should now have a complete list of all the
courses you are interested in that career
 Click on View Personal Profile
 Click on Edit & Save User Profile
 Click on Save user Profile to keep your
List of Tagged Courses
Investigating Courses
more fully
 Click on the name of a course in your list
 This will give you all the essential information
about the course e.g. Entry Requirements,
Points History etc.,
 If you want to print this out click on Press to
 To return to your list click on Return to list
 To compare 3 similar course click in the tick
boxes beside them and then click on Compare
Other things you can do?
 Search for Post Leaving Cert courses
 Calculate points
 Work out if you would get any Grants to go to
 Find out what careers you are interested in by
doing an Interest Assessment
 Check when your chosen colleges are having
their open days on Career Events

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