Travel Approval Quick Reference Guide

Travel Approval Quick Reference Guide
General Travel
Pre Travel Approval
Purpose of
Travel Plan
Travelling to
High Risk
Overview of traveller and travel information:
 Traveller’s role at ANU (if you have more than one role,
select the role under which you will undertake the travel)
 Overall dates of travel
 Brief description of travel
Specific details regarding purpose of travel:
 Travel purpose (e.g. meeting, conference, fieldwork)
 HR arrangements (e.g. leave, teaching/ work planning)
Overview of each segment/stage of travel:
 Dates of each segment of travel
 Type of travel (e.g. business (ANU) / personal)
 International or domestic
 Mode of travel if known (e.g. flight, car)
 Travel declarations (and link to government Smart Traveller
If a High Risk Destination was selected in the travel plan:
 Ensure flights are flexible
 Provide emergency evacuation plan
Post Travel
Where fieldwork was selected:
 Specific details regarding the fieldwork to be undertaken
Travel Approval Quick Reference Guide v8
Note: this field is only visible if fieldwork has been selected
Where fieldwork or a high risk country has been selected:
 Identify any risks
 Include controls to mitigate risk
 Remaining risk after implementation of risk controls
Note: only visible if relevant field/s have been selected
Contact details of traveller in case of emergency:
 Phone or email onsite
 Details of accommodation
 Other instructions
Travel Approval Quick Reference Guide
Travel Budget
Pre Travel Approval
Ledger Codes
Pre Travel FBT
Post Travel
General Ledger Code/s that the travel is charged to:
 GLC (e.g. Department ID, Project ID)
 Expenses to be allocated to a GLC
Calculations of Fringe Benefits Tax:
 Where there is a personal travel component, the personal
contribution amount is calculated
Note: only visible if personal travel component is included
Domestic /
Per Diem
Travel Approval Quick Reference Guide v8
Budget and funding details:
 Source of funding for travel (e.g. ANU funded, third party)
 Type expense (e.g. airfare, accommodation)
 Payment type (e.g. per-diem, direct payment)
Supervisor /
Per diem calculations:
 Amounts are calculated based on the salary selected and
the destination location
Note: only visible if per diem is selected by a staff member
Documents supporting travel application:
 Attach documents relating to travel (e.g. conference
schedule or flyer, presentations)
 Enter any other relevant information
Supervisor/ Delegate travel authorisation:
 Select appropriate supervisor and travel delegate
authorised to approve the travel
Travel Approval Quick Reference Guide – Post Travel
Post Travel
After the date of travel:
 Confirm whether the travel was completed
 Cancel if travel did not occur
Pre Travel Approval
Travel Plan
Travel Budget
General Ledger
Travel Diary
Post Travel
Travel Approval Quick Reference Guide v8
Post Travel FBT
Travel plan provides an overview of the travel that was
No changes can be made to this page
Travel budget provides an overview of the budget specified
in the approval form
No changes can be made to this page
General Ledger Codes provides an overview of the
previously specified codes
No changes can be made to this page
Travel diary can be updated with actual dates travelled if
they vary from the dates in the approval
Add additional segments if required
Where greater than 40% private component, enter actual
cost of airfares and other associated costs
Calculates personal contribution to FBT

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