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Interested in
becoming a M2O student?
This information session will offer you the
opportunity to explore the benefits of the
Concurrent Enrollment program.
What is M2O?
Gateway to your college experience
Macomb2Oakland (M2O) is an innovative partnership between
Oakland University and Macomb Community College that allows
students to take advantage of resources and course selection at the
OU campus in Rochester and two Macomb Community College
locations in Macomb County. Through M2O students can take
classes at both institutions at the same time.
• Admission to OU and Macomb through the free
M2O online application
• Concurrent enrollment at OU and Macomb,
offering the flexibility to take courses at one or both
institutions during the same term
• Coordinated financial aid by combining credit for
concurrently enrolled students
• Expanded course selection
• Coordinated advising and course planning
• Timely completion of associate and
bachelor’s degrees
• Access to the on-campus resources at
both institutions, including OU housing
Who Is Eligible?
• First-year college students
• Transfer students with 32 credits or less
• Current Oakland University and Macomb
Community College students with 32
credits or less
Who Is NOT Eligible?
Students with more than 32 credit hours
Varsity student athletes
Students seeking second degree
Direct admit nursing students
International Students
Some club sport participants
Students enrolled or interested in Applied
Health Science programs
Select Admission Programs at MCC –
Occupational Therapy Asst / Nursing / Physical Therapist Asst / Health Information Tech / Clinical Lab Tech
Respiratory Therapy / Vet Tech, Surgical Tech, Nuclear Med Tech
Admissions Criteria
Admissions to the M2O program is based on a
combination of criteria, including cumulative
GPA in academic subjects of 3.2 or above.
Applicants must submit:
High school transcripts
ACT or SAT scores
Application for undergraduate admission
How Freshmen Apply
• Apply as a M2O student online at oakland.edu/m2o
• Send official transcripts and ACT or SAT scores to:
Oakland University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
101 North Foundation Hall
2200 North Squirrel Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4401
Admissions Criteria
• Transfer students with 32 college credits or less
and a minimum 2.5 GPA will be considered for
admission to M2O. Students with less than 24
credits must also submit a high school
• To learn what credits will transfer to OU from
Michigan community colleges, use the transfer
equivalency guide at oakland.edu/equivalency
How Transfers
• Transfers are encouraged to meet with a representative
from OU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions
• Apply as a M2O student online at oakland.edu/m2o
• Send official transcripts to:
Oakland University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
101 North Foundation Hall
2200 North Squirrel Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4401
How Transfers
• If students have MORE than 24 credits:
Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
must be submitted
• If students have LESS than 24 credits:
Official transcripts from all colleges/universities
attended must be submitted, in addition to high school
Current OU Students
• Current Oakland University students with 32
credit hours or less may join the M2O program.
• Pick up a M2O update form at the Office of
Undergraduate Admissions, 101 North
Foundation Hall.
• This form must be completed and returned
to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
for processing.
Current Macomb
• Current Macomb students with less
than 32 credit hours may join the M2O
• Find a M2O application form online at
• This application must be completed and
returned to the Office of Undergraduate
Admissions for processing.
Admission Deadlines
July 1
October 1
April 1
Financial Aid
• M2O students apply for financial aid through
Oakland University.
• Transferable credits at both institutions are
combined to determine eligibility for aid, which is
awarded through OU.
• The Federal Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) can be completed online at fafsa.ed.gov.
Include OU’s Federal School Code of 002307.
Financial Aid
• Financial aid is processed through OU and is
deducted from the OU bill.
• Financial aid is not reflected on the Macomb bill;
students must pay their tuition bill at Macomb based
on the payment deadline established there.
• A student’s social security number is required to be
on file at both OU and Macomb for tax reporting and
financial aid purposes.
Financial Aid
If you receive financial aid, it will be
applied to your OU bill.
If you do not have any OU charges or
if you have more than enough financial
aid to cover your OU bill, you will
receive a refund.
OU cannot send your refund to Macomb.
Financial Aid
For financial aid questions, contact the Oakland
University Office of Student Financial Services at
(248) 370-2550. The office is located at 120 North
Foundation Hall.
Scholarships and
Grants from OU
If you are receiving an academic scholarship or
grant from Oakland University, you can still
participate in the M2O program.
Scholarships and
Grants from OU
In addition to the federal and state awards, students in
the M2O program are eligible to receive OU general
fund scholarship and grant awards based on initial
admission to OU. The awards are as follows and are
based on funding availability:
Distinguished Scholar
Talented Scholar
Academic Achievement
Award Talented Transfer
University Recognition Award
OU Academic Grant
Geographic Region
OU Housing Grant
Distinguished Transfer
100% Tuition Grant
Presidential Scholarship
• Students who receive an OU scholarship must be
enrolled full-time (12 credits) in OU credits for the
fall semester of your admission year or the award will
be permanently cancelled.
• In subsequent semesters, scholarships remain active
only during semesters when you are enrolled in at
least 12 OU credit hour courses.
• If you receive a Macomb Community College
scholarship, you must enroll at Macomb for the total
credits required for this scholarship.
• To learn more about scholarship requirements
through the M2O program, visit oakland.edu/m2o.
Campus Tours
• Campus tours are typically held Monday through
Friday at both institutions.
• To tour OU’s campus, sign up at
• To tour Macomb’s campus, contact an admissions
representative at the campus of your choice.
Orientation for
M2O Students
All new M2O students are required to attend an
orientation program at Oakland University before
they can register for classes at either institution.
An orientation brochure will be sent to you shortly
after you are admitted to the M2O program which
provides greater detail about orientation.
Orientation for
M2O Students
In addition to the orientation at OU, we highly
suggest that you visit Macomb’s Online
Orientation. Visit macomb.edu and search
“Online Orientation.”
At Orientation
Students Will…
Learn about university policies and resources
Learn about your Oakland accounts
Meet with an academic adviser and register for
Secure an OU SpiritCard (ID Card) which is
used to access library services, athletic events,
Recreation Center, etc.
Learn about financial aid and bill payment
Orientation for
Freshman Students
Visit oakland.edu/orientation to sign-up for a
designated M2O orientation
Academic Counselors from Macomb will be
available to discuss your Macomb schedule at your
orientation session (fall admits only)
Financial Aid representatives will also be available
to answer your questions (fall admits only)
Orientation for
Transfer Students
There are two components to the Transfer Student
Part One: Online Orientation
Part Two: On Campus Advising and
After students complete Part One, they are directed
to sign up for Part Two.
There are no designated M2O orientations for transfer
• Students will receive a bill from both Oakland
University and Macomb Community College
• Classes taken at both Macomb and OU will be billed
• However, your financial aid award letter
will come from Oakland University
To Learn More…
E-mail [email protected]
Visit oakland.edu/m2o
Cheryl Rhodey
Oakland University–Macomb
(586) 263-6277
[email protected]
Jennifer Janes
Oakland University Campus
(248) 370-3310
[email protected]

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