NSS Presentation

What is the National Student Survey?
The NSS is an annual survey of all final year*
undergraduates across the UK
Commissioned by the Higher Education Funding
Council for England on behalf of all the funding bodies
Fully supported by the National Union of Students
Conducted by Ipsos MORI
*Some exceptions apply but, for ALSS, this means most BA and FdA students
in their final year of study.
What will the NSS ask?
The survey will ask your opinion of a range of areas, including:
The teaching on your course
Assessment & Feedback
Academic support
Organisation & Management
Learning resources
Personal development
Overall satisfaction
Students’ Union
How to speak up!
The NSS opens on Monday, 4 February 2013.
Ipsos MORI will send you an email inviting you to take
part in the survey.
You can always enter directly by going to
You can enter using a smartphone
by scanning the NSS Quick Response
code on NSS posters (you
may need to download a free QR
reader app).
The survey will remain open until
30 April 2013.
Will your responses remain private?
The NSS respects student privacy.
The survey is undertaken independently by Ipsos
Contact details are used only for the NSS and are
Your responses are anonymised so students cannot
be identified by their institution.
How are the results used nationally?
NSS results are made publicly available to
help prospective students make informed
decisions of where and what to study.
They are used by national newspapers to compile
league tables of universities.
They are part of Key Information Sets now
required to be published for all university
They are available on the Unistats website at
How are the results used in ALSS?
Our faculty uses the NSS results to help identify areas where
we are doing well, and where we can improve.
For examples of enhancement, see our You Said, We Did webpage
at http://web.anglia.ac.uk/anet/faculties/alss/you_said_we_did.phtml
Over the past three years, ALSS has enjoyed a steady rise in
NSS scores across all areas:
Organisation & Management
Learning Resources
Assessment & Feedback
Academic Support
Personal Development
There will be a prize draw for Anglia Ruskin
students who complete the NSS for a chance
to win one of ten iPad Minis 32GB with WiFi.
As participation in the NSS is confidential, the prize
draw is carried out by Ipsos MORI after 30 April from
those students indicating they wish to be entered.
So don’t forget to go to speak up with your
opinions at www.thestudentsurvey.com
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