Update on US Tobacco GAP for 2014

What is GAP Connections?
 Non-profit organization formed by the tobacco industry to
help minimize the burden of compliance with the U.S.
Tobacco GAP Program on growers while maximizing the
rate of compliance within the industry.
GAP Connections
 Staff
◦ Jane Starnes
◦ Former Director of the Center for Tobacco Grower Research
◦ B.S. Agricultural Economics, University of Tennessee
◦ M.S. Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
◦ Paul Denton
◦ Retired UT/UKY Burley Tobacco Extension Specialist
◦ B.S. Plant and Soil Science, University of Tennessee
◦ M.S. Plant and Soil Science, University of Tennessee
◦ Ph.D. Soil Science, North Carolina State University
Membership Classes
Company Members (contract purchasers)
• Organizations not individuals
Associate Members
• Organizations not individuals
Grower Members
• Individuals not organizations
GAP Connections
2014 Member Companies ◦ John Middleton
◦ Alliance One
◦ Lancaster Leaf
◦ Philip Morris USA
◦ Altria
◦ American Snuff
◦ Burley Tobacco Growers ◦ R.J.Reynolds
Cooperative Association ◦ Santa Fe Natural Tobacco
◦ Burley Stabilization
◦ United Tobacco Company
Corporation (BSC)
◦ Universal Leaf
◦ Gallatin Redrying and
Storage Co.
◦ U.S. Smokeless Tobacco
◦ Hail and Cotton
Membership Classes
Company Members (contract purchasers)
Associate Members
Grower Members
• Any individual grower of tobacco shall be eligible for
• A grower member must have been actively engaged (i.e.,
“at risk”) in tobacco production for at least three (3) of
the five (5) years prior to obtaining membership.
Grower Membership
 Grower ID card for scanning at GAP trainings for easy tracking of
 Online access to their grower profile and GAP training history
 Easy way to share their GAP efforts with member companies
 Bi-annual GAP Connections electronic newsletter
 Voice in the U.S. Tobacco GAP standard setting process
 Access to training calendar and many online grower resources
GAP Connections seeks to minimize burden
and maximize compliance
 Growers become members when they
register for a Grower ID with GAP
 Grower ID System:
◦ Secure database of tobacco growers involved in
the U.S. Tobacco GAP Program
◦ Growers will voluntarily sign-up for this grower
John Doe
◦ Plastic card
◦ Electronically on Smartphone
◦ Card contains a QR code that is scanned at GAP
educational events to keep track of attendance
Registration for Grower ID
 Step 1: Register Online at www.gapconnections.com
(mid December)
◦ Register at home, work, training event, expo, company
meeting, Extension office, anywhere with internet access
 Step 2: Getting the card
◦ Option 1:
◦ Temporary card printed immediately
◦ Permanent card mailed to mailing address
◦ Option 2:
◦ If done in-person with GAP Connections at an event the permanent card
can be printed immediately on-site
◦ Option 3:
◦ Download GAP Connections Grower App
◦ ID w/QR code is on smartphone
Information Needed for a
Grower ID
 First name
 Farm Name
 Middle name
 Farm address, City,
State, Zip
 Last name
 Suffix
 Phone Number
 Email Address (if
 County of primary
farm operation
 Birthday
 Type of tobacco,
 Mailing address, City, Acres of each
State, Zip
For more Information:
(865) 622 – 4606
[email protected]
2450 E.J. Chapman Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996
How Can Agents Help?
• Help get the word out about the grower ID program
• Encourage growers to register prior to meetings
• Facilitate grower registration
• At Meetings with GAP training
• Is an internet connection available?
• Have a couple of extra laptops available
• Have a printer available to print temporary ID cards

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