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The urgency code has to be registered in this screen. The available urgencies are T, I, HI and NT.
When you point with your cursor in the field ‘Urgency’, urgency code will be adjusted to the level
of the most recent PRA screening (T, I or HI).
If there are no entries, the urgency code is set as T_KI (Transplantable). When later on the
Antibodies screen is completed, the urgency code will then change accordingly to the antibodies
HI – Highly Immunized Allo-PRA% 85 – 100
I – Immunized Allo-PRA% 6 – 84
T – Transplantable Allo-PRA% 0 – 5
The urgency NT (Not Transplantable) or R (Removed) can be entered. In these cases the
field Reason becomes mandatory. A reason for the urgency Not transplantable or Removed
must be entered.
It is possible to enter a Comment on the urgency code.
When a recipient needs a living transplantation it can be entered here. For non-German
recipients the urgency will change automatically to NT, with Reason ‘On waiting list for living
3.4 Update registration of recipient ............... 84
• 3.4.1 Re-registration of a recipient................. 84
• 3.4.2 Change of urgency of recipient.................. 85
• 3.4.3 Register deceased.................... 86
3.4.1 Re-registration of a recipient
When a recipient is removed from a waiting list, due to transplantation or another
reason, it
is always possible to re-register a recipient. If the recipient is re-registered for the
organ, enter information concerning the failure of the transplant in the screen TXP
Go to TXP – Update and select the correct transplant.
Enter the date of failure in the field ‘Date of Failure’ and select a ‘Cause of failure’
from the
LOV by F9.
Save the information by using F10 or via the disk.
Then go to Recipient – Organ and select the correct organ. Choose the correct
code and save the information. The ‘Date put on waiting list’ will be the date of
• If a kidney recipient is re-registered, the recipient
may receive return of waiting time. This is done
automatically if applicable.
• The date entered in the field “Date of (Re)
Institution of Dialysis” must be the first date of
dialysis after the transplantation. For more
information, see ET manual chapter 4 ET Kidney
Allocation System (ETKAS) on the ET
3.4.2 Change of urgency of recipient
In case of an urgency change you will have the possibility to enter a comment e.g.
or “holiday of recipient”. On certain urgency changes, like NT and R, it is mandatory
to fill in
the reason for this urgency change.
The urgency of a heart recipient or heart/lung recipient will be automatically changed
to HU if
the recipient is <16 years of age at time of registration or re-registration (after TXP)
and after
change of urgency from NT to T status. An event line will be added in the Status and
screen after automatic upgrade of th urgency.
Note: It is not possible to change the urgency for recipients for whom an organ has
accepted for transplantation, pending the registration of the transplant. The following
message appears:
• Please register the transplantation or inform
Eurotransplant if the transplantation was not
• done.
• The organ screens are accessible via the menu.
Go to Recipient – Organ and select the
• correct organ. The organ screen will open and
information can be changed. After the
• information is updated, save the changes by F10
or via the disk.
3.4.3 Register deceased
• When a recipient is deceased a registration in ENIS is needed.
• Select Recipient – Recipient Deceased.
The following screen appears:
• This screen contains the following fields: ‘Date of Death’, ‘Code’ and
• Enter the date of death and a cause of death (Code). The cause of death
can be selected from a list of values. Whenever from the list of values
‘Cause of Death’ the option ‘Other/Specify’ is chosen, it is mandatory to
register a comment. Otherwise a comment is optional.
• After filling in the Recipient Deceased screen, all the waiting lists will be
updated automatically and the recipient will not occur in the matching
process anymore.
• Please do not change the status of the recipient to NT or Removed when a
recipient is deceased.
• It is not possible to register the death of a recipient with a date prior to the
last Eurotransplant ENIS system user manual Urgency change.
Code Table 6 - Urgency codes
High Urgent - Heart, Lungs, Liver and Kidney
Unstable on inotropics - Dutch Heart recipients only
Stabilized on inotropics - Dutch Heart recipients only
Special Urgency – Pancreas (Vascularized only)
Transplantable - Heart, Lungs, Liver and Pancreas
Transplantable (allo-PRA 0-5%) - Kidney
Immunized (allo-PRA 6-84%) - Kidney
Highly Immunized (allo-PRA 58-100%) - Kidney
Not Transplantable - All organs
Transplanted - All organs
Removed from Waiting List - All organs
Deceased - All organs
NT státus oka lehet
Medical (eg. Infection)
Gyorsan megoldódó orvosi ok
On request of recipient
A beteg kérésére
Temporarily NT. Too good for
Állapotjavulás miatt nem
indokolt a listántartás
Temporarily NT. Too bad for
Incomplete registration
Az eddigi bizottsági döntés
HLA, egyéb laboreredmény
Other (Comment compulsory) Pl. nem jelent meg dialízisen,
külföldre távozott

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