Sandton 1-3 November Cape Town 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2013
Sustainability is YOUR Responsibility
The Green Expo is all about promoting sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyles; Living and working smarter, by raising the
consciousness of:
– Climate Change and carbon footprint
– Energy and water saving
– Recycling and waste reduction
– Responsible tourism
– Organic products
– Biodiversity and preservation of species
– Efficient and alternative transportation
and travel
Sustainability is profitable
• Sustainability is no longer optional!
• Huge Opportunities are being created by:
Shifting of the public mindset
Media hype around climate change
Fuel and energy costs
Legislation, penalties and carbon taxes
Publicity around endangered species
Speakers Platform
Green Movies
Friday – Invited trade guests and Event Greening Forum
Friday Evening - Awards
Exhibitor Proposition
The Green Expo is a real opportunity for all businesses or
organizations that are involved with /or would like to publicise
their efforts in sustainable business practices:
• Reduction of carbon emissions
• Energy, water and fuel saving and alternatives.
• Green Building
• Sustainable (Eco) Tourism
• Recycling and recycled materials & products
• Green Design
• Organic products and foods
• Biodiversity and protection of species
2012 Competition
Green House Giveaway
Fashion at the GREEN Expo
2012 PR & Advertising Value
National Geographic Channels
Top Billing Feature
Expresso feature
TV Interviews
Simply Green magazine
Odyssey magazine
Total PR and advertising value
in excess of R8 Million
Carbon Footprint!
Exhibitor eco-friendly audit.
Purchase of trees to offset footprint.
Goody Bags to be from re-cycled materials and
Show guide distributed only to those who want
We discourage the use of flyers and encourage
electronic communications, QR codes and
mobile apps
Energy saving (CFL and LED) lighting only.
Carbon Offset and RECs (Renewable Energy
Tree planting to further reduce carbon footprint.
Organic catering and re-usable or recyclable
catering equipment
Green Partnerships
The expo will forge partnerships with government bodies and NGO/NPOs dedicated to
sustainability issues.
The Green Expo has partnered with:
• Simply Green as Print media partner
• National Geographic Channel
• Icologie – to keep us on our own “green” track .
• Greenpop – to offset CO2 by planting trees.
Also partnered with:
Award winning exhibition organisers!
Winners of Best Exhibition in South Africa since
2006 – 2010 - SABC Education Baba Indaba
Top Business Woman of the Year for Gender Empowerment
2009– Three City Events (Pty) Ltd
Chairman of the EXSA (Exhibition Association of South Africa
2010 and 2011
Founding members of The Event Greening Forum SA
Gold Award for the Most Memorable Event in 2009 for SABC
Education Baba Indaba
Finalist in 2010 for Most Memorable Event for Kids Indaba
Finalist in the 2012 Top Business Woman of the year.
Members of:
Exhibitor Opportunities
Exhibition space – R1650 per m2
Sponsorship Opportunities
• Stage sponsor (Talks & Entertainment)
• Green Movies (Screened throughout the exhibition)
• Green Art (120m2 of curated art exhibit)
• Comp Ticket sponsor (40,000 comp tickets distributed)
Join Now!
Sandton (Convention Centre)
1-3 November 2013
Cape Town (CTICC)
29 Nov -1 Dec 2013.
Tel : 021 689 3262
Email : [email protected]
Web :

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