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Presto C-Sat Hands-On
Presto C-Sat
• Create a client company
• Create a survey
• Add locations
• Generate links/QR codes
• View results
• Take survey
• On your computer
• On a mobile device
Log On
• Go to http://csat.prestometrics.com
• Login as:
[email protected]
Create a Client Company
User menu ->
Add a Company
Don’t try this at home!
Create a Survey
Copy a
Survey Wizard
Survey Builder
Click to add
first question
Survey Builder Basics
Go ahead – create your survey!
Enter the following questions:
• What did you order (pizza, sub, pasta)
• Have you visited Acme Pizza before?
(yes, no)
• How did you hear about us? (Flyer,
Internet search, GrubHub, From a
friend, I was passing by)
Survey Builder Basics
Click before or after a question
to add another
Click a question to edit it
Select question type
Click + or tab to add
another ansopt
Click to delete
Survey Builder Basics
Make some changes!
• Make “What did you order?” the LAST
• Make “GrubHub” the FIRST answer
Survey Builder Basics
Click and drag
Click and drag
Survey Builder Basics
Add two new questions:
• Please rate the SERVICE on this visit
(Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor)
• Please rate the FOOD QUALITY on this visit
(Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor)
• Set scores (Excellent=5, Good=3, Fair=1,
• Create SERVICE and FOOD quality sections
and add questions
BONUS: can you figure out how to copy a
Survey Builder Basics
Click to copy question
Set scores
Select section(s)
…or create them on the fly!
Survey Builder Basics
Ready for more? OK…
• Make “What did you order” multi-select
• Make “How did you hear about us” a drop-down
• Make all but “How did you hear about us”
Survey Builder Basics
“Allow Multiple
Responses” =
Make required
Survey Builder Basics
Now let’s see your
Oh yeah,
the survey name…
Click on “My Survey” to change
Survey Builder Basics
Click Save
and Preview
What Do You Think?
Survey Builder: Themes
Survey Builder: Themes
Use one of our themes…
Survey Builder: Themes
…or create your own
Survey Builder: Themes
Let’s make a theme!
1. Select a _logo and _bg file (from
shared files)
2. Apply the logo and background file to
your theme
3. Experiment with logo placement
4. See what it looks like!
Survey Builder: Themes
Upload logo and choose placement
Click to
Upload background
Theme Tips
• You can add a
custom logo to a
Presto theme
• Color setting =
hue only
• Use Light and
Dark buttons
• Click outside
the Appearance
box to finish
Survey Builder: Themes
…and don’t forget to save!
What’s a Target?
• What you’re evaluating
• Geocodable location
• …or anything else
• Not a common feature of
CSAT products
Adding Targets
Click “Enter Target/
Location Info”
(or Targets -> My Targets)
Adding Targets One at a Time
Hmm, not awesome…
ID: 1
Name: Boston – West Street
Map Search Info: 41 West Street, Boston MA 02111
Adding Many Targets
Click to delete and
then unwanted
Targets -> Add Many Targets
Sharing Survey with Customers
Survey -> Get Links
Sharing Survey with Customers
Get links and QR codes:
• For a specific survey and target
• For a target near the customer’s mobile device
• For any target (customer chooses from list)
• For any of the company’s active surveys
Nearby Link
Click to copy link
Nearby Link
Click to generate QR code
Select a standard or
custom size
Individual Links
Now Let’s Be Customers!
Complete some evaluations
• On your mobile device
• On your laptop
Try different link types
What Does the Client See?
User menu -> Manage Users
Enter client email and access type
Presto Reports
User menu ->
Presto Resource Center ->
Report Gallery
When Does the Client See It?
Data sent to reporting when evaluation is submitted
Presto C-Sat Overview
[email protected]
Other Options
Specific survey or let them choose
Target options: nearby, individual, or pick any

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