Derek France, University of Chester, Technology Enhanced

Technology Enhanced Learning for Fieldwork
Derek France1, Julian Park2, Brian Whalley3, Alice
Mauchline2, Victoria Powell1, Katharine Welsh1
University of Chester, 2 University of Reading, 3 University of
Twitter: @fieldwork_ntf
HEA Event in Technology Enhanced Learning in Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences,
Open University, July 2013
Objectives of Workshop
Participants given opportunity to download and trial apps to
their own device
Explain how technology has been utilised to enhance and
inspire student research
Demonstrate the transferability of technology across
Provide an opportunity for delegates to practice using new
apps that can improve their research skills
Apps to download for this session
• QR Reader
• Skitch
• FieldTripGB
Ice breaker…..
Form a line up of all workshop participants …
– by date of birth Jan 1st to Dec 31st
You have 2 minutes
– Your understanding, experience and application of
mobile technologies to enhance student learning
You have 2 minutes
Project Outline
• 3-year National Teaching Fellowship project
• Funded by the Higher Education Academy in the UK
• Cross-disciplinary: Geography, Earth and
Environmental Sciences, Geology, Biosciences and
allied subjects
Aims of the Project
• to enhance student learning in fieldwork
through the use of technology
• to focus on hardware and software that
may enhance learning
• to gather and share good practice of
“only building upon the possibility opened up
by digital technology can we ensure that
education will triumph ” (Lord Putnam,
Handheld Learning Conference, 2008)
“the use of digital technologies changes the
meaning of the learning activity, subtly or
profoundly” Beetham and Sharpe (2007, p.33)
“Most undergraduate students coming into
Higher Education have a smartphone or mobile
device” (Welsh & France, 2012).
“mobile technologies have opened up
exciting new possibilities for study in
higher education” Macdonald & Creanor,
2010, p.1)
Recent undergraduate student study
(Woodcock et al., 2012) found that many
students who own smartphones are
“largely unaware of their potential to
support learning” but importantly, found
that they are, “interested in and open to
the potential as they become familiar with
the possibilities”.
Activity 1
Which of the following mobile devices have
you/your Department used during
• Poll via text, twitter
or link (QR code)
Using iPads for sketching
Activity 2
Open the skitch app….and select either a photo
from the camera role or take a new photograph.
Using the selected photo, add appropriate labels
and annotations of your choice.
5 mins plus verbal feedback
Results of International Practitioners Survey 2011:
What are the barriers to using technology in fieldwork?
1. Lack of time to implement new technology
2. Cost of technology/limited resources
3. Limited staff/student technology skills
Why was this technology introduced?
1. Increase speed and volume of data collection
2. To enable students to begin analysis during field trip
3. Improve digital literacy of students
Welsh, K. E. et al. (2013): Enhancing fieldwork learning with technology: practitioner's
perspectives, Journal of Geography in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/03098265.2013.792042
• "Convenient, small device to travel with"
• "Easy to tabulate results and present findings"
• "Able to backup work"
• Resource gathering for presentations
• Used for Internet, ARCGIS, spreadsheets, PDFs
Disliked software choice - Open
Disliked sharing the devices
LiveScribe Pens
• Easy dictionary tool
• "Made synthesising notes easier"
• "Got key quotes for our presentation
by referring back to the pen"
• An inexpensive tool students may
decide to purchase for note-taking
in lectures or interviews
General iPad2 Use
• Easier data collection and instant
data processing
• "Collating, analysing and presenting
data was more convenient and
• "Easier to use than expected"
• "Really useful for annotating maps
and photos"
• "Over the week I got used to using
the iPad at every chance and it
enhanced my learning and skills"
EDINA geo-referencing
Create a form online
Download app to
Login to Dropbox
Start capturing data
Sync to multiple
devices & computer
Activity 3
FieldtripGB – Describe your Skitch
1. Log into FieldtripGB using the Dropbox account: [email protected]
2. & 3. Use the Capture form provided
4. Sync the account on the Home Page
• Dropbox, SugarSync
• GPS Log, GeoSpike, CityMaps2Go,
Google Earth, FieldTripGB
• PollDaddy, iGeology
• Twitter, Skype
• Skitch, Splice, Fotobabble,
Panoramio, Photosynth, Flickr,
• Pages, Numbers, Keynote,
• iTalk, iCelcius,
Activity 4
How can technology enhance fieldwork?
Challenge cards
Success cards
Skills development
Use of technology
Case Studies
Netskills (2011)
Using QR codes to add layers of
information to locations
France & Wakefield (2011)
Digital storytelling
Scott et al. (2009)
Virtual Field Guide
Jarvis & Dickie (2010)
Video podcasting of field methods
Welsh et al. (2012)
Geotagging photographs
Cremona et al. (2011)
Using shared spreadsheets
on Smartphones & Tablets
Action Plan
• What have I learnt?
• What I am going to do next?
– What will I have changed in 6 months?
• What 3 things can you feedback to other students about
the using mobile technologies in your learning?
Ways to Get Involved:
1. Submit a case study of successful fieldwork practice,
to the website
2. Residential Showcase Event in FSC RHYD-Y-CREUAU,
Betws y coed, North Wales, UK, 13-15 September
2013. Email [email protected]
3. THE FUTURE of Enhancing Fieldwork Learning project
2014: key sponsor British Ecological Society
4. Talk to us about organising your own Hack Event to
develop fieldwork apps suitable for your department
Take a look at our website:
Contact Professor Derek France ([email protected])
for more information.
Twitter: @fieldwork_ntf

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